What you should definitely not eat with this disease

Cirrhosis is a serious liver disease – here’s what you should definitely not eat if you have it.

The Diseases and Nutrition It has a very close relationship and it has been scientifically proven that eating a certain way can cause, prevent or even help treat conditions, diseases and problems of various kinds and nature. Cirrhosis is closely related to diet, especially what comes after alcohol abuse, also called alcoholic cirrhosis, which is not surprising.

But also with regard to Other species And the causes of this dangerous and frightening disease, the relationship between diet and nutrition is very close. So how to eat and what to absolutely avoid when you have this disease: let’s find out more.

What to eat with cirrhosis: expert advice

If you suffer from cirrhosis Or degenerative liver disease in general, diet really becomes key. In addition to the obvious limitation if not completely eliminating alcohol from your life, there are other useful tricks and other foods that should be avoided as much as possible, in order to avoid overburdening this very delicate and difficult organ to keep healthy and without problems. So what should you eat? And what should be avoided at all?

All well with this terrible disease It can be difficult because part of the symptoms can be related to the area of ​​appetite and weight: severe loss of appetite and even anorexia can be symptoms that should not be underestimated at all. The diet of a person suffering from these conditions should pay attention to the intake of protein, which can not be excessive so as not to thicken the liver. The nitrogen balance that favors plasma production is important. Eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, legumes, and plant proteins and avoid red meat and cheese. diet vegetarian Or something like that may just be for you, if you are facing this terrible and degenerative disease.

Science has proven it Right diet Nutrition can improve symptoms of cirrhosis and allow people who suffer from it to live as normal and healthy lives as possible. Vegetables are always preferred over proteins, especially animal proteins. Avoid coffee, alcohol and fried foods, as they become inflamed and weigh you down. Always prefer natural and as little processed foods as possible, better if Homemade or even organicTo avoid unwanted chemicals and other elements that could end up in the product during packaging and production.

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