Will the euro banknotes disappear? This is a horrific revelation

Since the first real spread of the Internet, rumors have begun to become more effective and quick to apply, even if they are dangerous fake news It’s always behind the corner: in our country in particular, some issues are particularly “delicate” when they are questioned: money is undoubtedly one of those things, because it constitutes a certainty, something we start to use from childhood and that’s not so much in years It has already led to the adoption of a common currency with many other European countries, the euro. Euro banknotes were already a topic stylingBut what is their future?

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Community banknotes from a certain point of view represent something “limited” but not as a matter, but in general as the main form of cash. European countries (but not only) have for years embarked on a path that is now palpable, which foresees in the not-too-distant future the complete abandonment of cash in favor of other forms of payment, almost all electronic. this is a step In fact, this has already been identified and made possible thanks to technologies and devices that are now widespread, such as smartphones, which are already used to manage savings.

Will the euro banknotes disappear? This is a horrific revelation

Paper money is decreasing dramatically but even if banknotes disappear in the future, it will not happen in a short time and above all the process will be gradual as it really is. In 2024, as announced by the European Central Bank, the process that will lead to a new “model” of euro banknotes will begin, and it is quite possible that after the “abandonment” of the 500-euro denomination, even 200 euros can disappear significantly: reducing the number of ” “High cuts” is actually part of the overall plan of the European Central Bank which has noted that major cuts appear to be used above all by those who do tax evasion.

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