With Ramadani also sermons about Melenkovi …

In a meeting this afternoon with Vali Ramadan, Federico Cherubini spoke not only about a possible future for Kalidou Koulibaly in black and white, but also about Nikola Milinkovic. To clearly understand what will be the treasure of Juventus from the possible sale of De Ligt and at this point it will be possible to understand whether the Bianconeri will try to interfere in both files or will only go to one of them.

Juventus between Koulibaly and Milenkovic: the situation

So the first name is Coulibaly if the Dutch leave, which is of great interest to himself. There is not only Chelsea for the boy who would like Barcelona to be a potential destination if he leaves Napoli. The player will not want to stay in Italy if he leaves Napoli.

The same club from Campania may not allow the player to leave easily in the direction of Juventus. It was Higuain’s last transfer, but in this case there was a release clause.

The situation is certainly complicated, but Juventus want to continue discussions with the defenders so that they are ready in case De Ligt bid farewell.

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