Works? Here are the examples and expert opinion

He promises to lose kilograms without cutting out any food, just by relying on food associations and focusing on carbohydrate consumption in the first part of the day and no later than 16. Will it be a correct management?

Sometimes, especially in summer, diets that made history like disassembledI imagine William Howard Hay In the famous text food allergy From 1931, it has been revised and updated several times, which never seems to be out of date. Pasta and fish? Absolutely not, as well as meat, cereal or bean soup so cold in the summer and bruschetta bread of all kinds.

Separate diet rules

In a separate dietAnd the classic, well-known and inherited, Proteins and carbohydrates don’t go together: both can be taken, But they are far from each other, With cooked or raw vegetables They are. It is based on some basic rules. over here:

  • Carbohydrate concentration In the first phase of the day.
  • Eat the biggest meal at lunch no later than 16:00.
  • Dinner It should stand almost exclusively proteinBe it fish or meat.
  • don’t bind In the same meal rich foods carbohydrates with protein foods.
  • don’t collect Foods from different protein sources, such as meat and fish.
  • Do not eat foods that contain different sources of carbohydrates such as Pasta and bread.
  • Any thing fruit at the end of the meal.
  • Consume protein at dinnerVegetables should be consumed in large quantities.
  • Do not exceed with consumption Fat And combine it mainly with carbohydrates.

Separation to lose weight? expert opinion

Are there foods that contain only one class of macronutrients? Even in pasta, for example, although there are mainly carbohydrates, proteins are also present: Diet cannot be defined as completely separate. “Actually, the principle that our bodies are not capable of Absorbing different nutrients At the same meal, he found no scientific justification – he explains Flavia Bernini, Biologist, Dietitian. Especially since then, apart from very few exceptions, for example Oil, no food contains a single macronutrient. The same pasta, for example, although it is a primary source of carbohydrates, It also contains proteins. In the end, if the goal is to lose weight, it may be useful and practical to include a bowl of pasta at lunch and a second dish of vegetables in the evening, but Weight loss will be determined by the lack of calories, by the breakdown of food“.

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