Xiaomi, a 32 inch smart TV is on offer at an extreme discount

With summer coming, you may need it He buys new Smart TV To put it at home by the sea, or outside on the balcony in the cold. And if we don’t want to spend a lot, the best solution is to buy a TV that’s not too big, like a 32-inch TV that’s the perfect compromise between quality and size. It is no coincidence that it is among the most sought after and sold on various e-commerce sites. And often you can also find it in Show Really exceptional prices. Like, for example, lo Xiaomi Mi TV P1 32 inchSmart TV Best seller now on Amazon.

We find it, in fact, with a file Super discount 36% and all Lowest price ever. When you buy it today, you pay much less than 200 euros, a figure that is very affordable for many. There is also the possibility Pay it in installments without interest Using the service provided by Amazon. The xiaomi smart tv It has all the characteristics to be the ideal TV to buy in the summer: the picture quality is good, the frames are very thin and above all it uses the Android operating system that supports many applications, including all video streaming platforms.

Xiaomi Mi TV P1 from 32 “: technical characteristics

Compact smart TV, ideal for bedrooms, children’s bedrooms, beach homes and outdoor spaces. The Xiaomi Mi TV P1 He is one among The best smart TVs For value for money, especially when we find them with such offers and at such prices.

As mentioned earlier, the model is in promotion 32 inch screen With HD Ready resolution, the standard for TVs this size. The quality of the images is very good with any kind of content we see. The Smart TV also has a modern design, with bezels almost absent on three sides (both sides and top).

However, the feature that adorns a smart TV is the presence of the operating system Android TV, a guarantee when it comes to televisions. In addition to constantly receiving updates from Google, it supports many applications (there are more than 7000 in the online store), including all those intended for video streaming platforms. Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Apple TV, Disney+, DAZN, YouTube, you’re spoiled for choice.

Being an Android TV, it also takes advantage of the Google suite, so we find Google Assistant and the Chromecast. With the voice assistant, we can launch an app, turn up the volume or manage smart home devices with a simple command of your voice, using Chromecast, on the other hand, we can watch photos and videos on the smartphone or PC directly on the TV screen. Finally, to close, it is compatible with the new digital land and you do not have to buy any decoder to continue watching TV channels.

Xiaomi Mi TV P1 on Amazon: price and discount

Today we find it Xiaomi Mi TV P1 from 32 inch In upgrading to a Price 179.89 €This is the lowest level recorded in recent weeks on Amazon. merit 36% off Which saves just over €100 compared to the list price. The e-commerce site also provides the possibility Pay it in 5 installments of €35.98/month without interest. The smartphone is in great demand and has also been awarded the “Amazon’s Choice” badge, so we advise you to take advantage of this offer as soon as possible. To achieve the return, you have the classic 30 days of time.

Xiaomi Mi TV P1 32 inch

Xiaomi Mi TV P1 32 inch

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