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Yamaha XSR 900: Although derived from the MT-09, it appears to be riding a completely different bike, old in appearance but very modern in content. It is on sale at a price of 10,999 euros.

6 July 2022

Dr..After so many years, the left biased error still occurs. Go for the test, biased about increasing impressions.
Yes, just what we tell you not to do, comment inappropriately, without touching it and above all guidance.
With the Yamaha XSR 900, we totally fell in love with it, and it’s all too easy to think that sharing most of the mechanics with the MT-09 could limit its character, and instead, we had to change our mind..
Observing and touching it closely, one notices the joint mechanisms, but the old brushstrokes make the eye fall on other details. By moving your gaze from the headlight, through the tank, the side panels that rise to meet at the front of the saddle, and the saddle itself, its shape makes it look like the tail of a 1970s/80s racing motorcycle.

h.To one of its styles, call it Heritage or Vintage, it’s up to you, both are fine, recognizable and light years away from the sharp cuts and angles of the MT-09, while underneath, but not much seen the clothes are that, and we add.. thank God !
Fortunately, because the CP3, Yamaha’s three-cylinder engine is fun,
The Euro 5 gains and increases in displacement (42 cc more), reaching 889 cc with an increase in power limited to +3%, 119 hp (87.5 kW), but +6% more torque, up to 9.3 kgf (9.3 Nm). meters), at 7000 speeds lower than 1400 rpm than beforeWith me Declared consumption decreases by about 10%.
At the heart of CP3 The pistons changed, the crankshaft was “weighed” at an inertial mass of 15%, while all intake has been redesigned, also by virtue of the fact that Ride by Wire has been certified. The surface treatments of the individual moving parts of the engine and, above all, the gearbox are also different.

to meAlthough the frame receives the same changes as the MT-09, it is 2.3 kg lighter, with lateral stiffness improved by 50%. The steering head has been lowered by 30mm, while the engine is now positioned more vertically (+5 degrees), with frame attachments now internal, While the swingarm is borrowed from the Tracker 9, It measures 55mm in length, a feature that should ensure greater stability.
The 41mm KYB fork has 39mm shorter bolsters while still maintaining the same useful motion, 130mm, and offers separate hydraulic pressure and rebound tuning. (respectively in the left and right rail), the spring preload.

TheInstead, the Mono was equipped with two modifications, spring preload and extension.
Provides braking system Nissin 4 piston tongs and discs 298 mm While the Brembo radial pump. At the rear we find a 245 mm disc with two-piston calipers.
ABS was developed with Bosch and is a very modern 9.1 MP with cornering function.

The“The adoption of the IMU platform has made it possible to improve and enrich the dynamic controls by taking the dynamics and above all the safety of the XSR 900 a step forward.
ABS cornering function, more precise traction control as well as side slip control when cornering,
do not miss Lift Control System, to predict front axle contact loss during the most violent accelerationWhile 3 driving modes are available, 2 with pre-set TC, Lift and SCS (Side Slip) parameters, as well as a customizable mode.
Alternatively, there are 4 D modes, engine response modes, more or less ready and one of them is intended for low-grip surfaces, limiting the power
All these parameters can be displayed on a file New 3.5″ TFT Devices Adjustments are made via the buttons on the electrical blocks.

how are you

“You lead first and then you rule”, The rule in front of the testers, which never applies like this time, applies to us as well. Yes, we fell for it, and made it to Saline di Volterra, chosen as the starting point for the press test, several times. We told ourselves we could probably expect an MT-09 with a vintage look.
Nothing could be more wrong
The only thing they have in common, thank God we add, is the CP3 three-cylinder engine.
Few changes in the work environment make it The most loaded drive setting is in the front, just enough to “feel” the front better, and to avoid sticking to the handlebars under CP3 pressure, out of corners.
It also rushes better on the footrests, and after a few kilometers of mixing and ups and downs, one realizes a greater maturity of the XSR compared to the MT-09. Sitting in the back is less when exiting turns, and you don’t feel the same grip on the steering wheel as your “fun” sister, especially when…you push a little more.
When you drive more aggressively, you feel more compactness of the structure,

TheXSR is the daughter of TM, but she is a daughter who looks like a mother, and therefore is more mature and conscientiouswe put aside the “fun bike” behavior which, we don’t mind we certainly don’t consider it a flaw, but proves to be much more complete and balanced.
You drive splendidly, whether you’re hiking or tackling sporty air, the balanced and powerful rise to speed, of that gem that is the CP3 three-cylinder engine, which has reached enviable maturity.. It’s fun to drive, and with a more comfortable saddle you can become a good traveler.
As for the rest it’s a bike that evokes the ’80s only in shape, chassis and engine performance that tells another story, a funny one, seasoned with 120 horsepower and 93 Nm of torque, with an IMU platform for managing a full electronic package. functional.
The standard quick-shift works great, and even if the three cylinders require a little gearbox use, thanks to the proverbial flexibility, one is happy to shift gears up and down.

TheThe standard setup, even without touching the hydraulic registers, responds very wellmaybe in the long run we’d be loading up a hair less than monochrome, but overall it hits the right compromise between driving pleasure and comfort.
The brakes are in line with the rest of the XSR 900, ready and strong right-handed and well-tuned, erring on a limited ride record for the front brake lever, which, even minimally modified, always remains a bit too far, at least for our tastes.
Another note has to be made on the devices, complete and easy to “navigate”, but so compact and in small letters, that it can be difficult to read at a glance, especially when the ambient light is particularly intense.
Small shades of the bike that We were stunned and conquered from the first kilometres, that after a day in the saddle he regretted leaving..

Pros and Cons


  • Value for money | driving | engine


  • Device reading can be improved | Comfortable saddle improvement

More information

M.oto: Yamaha XSR 900

Weather: h 30 °

Location: Saline di Volterra

Terrain: road

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