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Doctor of Specialized Training in Hygiene and Preventive Medicine at the University of Campania “El VanvitelliThe outgoing National Secretary of the Assembly, Annalisa Napoli, elected at the congress on 4 July, takes the lead from Federica Orlando. “For us, as young clinicians and as a trade association, it is the daunting task of continuing to represent our colleagues.”

July 07

During the conference held last Monday 4 July, the National Council elected the new team that will lead the Italian Association of Young Doctors (Sigm) for a period of two years 2022-2024. to the presidency Annalisa NapoliDoctorate of specialist training in hygiene and preventive medicine at the University of Campania “El VanvitelliAnd the outgoing National Secretary of the Assembly who takes the baton from Federica Orlando.

“Leading Sigm in these two years has been a source of great pride for me, and an experience I will always carry in my heart – confirms the outgoing president -. Today I see an association that is aware of its identity and role, and has firm principles that can help and guide colleagues. I leave the baton to someone special and a workaholic. and competent, and I am sure he will do everything in his power to contribute to the development and promotion of young doctors. We are going through years of vigorous renewal of the association, all best wishes to be able to easily accommodate the needs of our class and strive to honor the role of actors we have set for ourselves.”

“Four years ago, I participated in my first national conference, having begun to actively follow the local dynamics of the Campania offices, which saw me born and growing from an assembly point of view, under the guidance of some of the elders with whom I work I continued to share my path – begins the new president of Naples -. He adds that many of the changes in the medical profession as a result of an emergency have invested us deeply in every area of ​​our human and professional trajectory.For us, as young physicians and as a trade association, the daunting task of continuing to represent colleagues, collecting and analyzing their applications in light of a rapidly evolving professional and political reality Inspired by the vision that Sigm has embodied for more than ten years: the direct and extensive relationship with colleagues across the country, the persistence in bearing the needs of young clinicians and trying to give them a voice in the representative activity that we enjoy practicing at all levels (local, regional, national and institutional). For he who wears this “shirt” is like this: he works constantly with his colleagues, placing the interest of the class over the party interests, with the aim of making a real renewal of medical training.”

“I thank the Board of Directors with whom I have shared the past two years – and in particular the outgoing Chair, Annalisa Napoli concluded – for their tireless commitment, foresight and competence. Building on the strong roots we inherit, we will have the honor and responsibility to continue to grow our cultural role and reference for our colleagues, and that To be accurate and reliable interlocutors at the tables of institutions.”

Here is the Executive Board of the Italian Secretariat of Young Doctors (Sigm) for the two-year period 2022-2024:

National President: Dr. Annalisa Napoli – Doctorate in Specialized Training in Hygiene and Preventive Medicine – University of Campania “L. Vanvitelli” – Naples;

National official: Dr. Carlo de Matisse – Doctor of Specialist Training in Geriatrics – “A. Moreau” – Barry

National Secretary: Dr. Emmanuel Rouleau – a doctor in training specialized in anesthesia and intensive care – “A. Moreau” – Barry;

Vice President: Dr. Flavia Colombo – Doctorate in Specialized Training in Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine – Catholic University of the Sacred Heart – Rome;

Vice President for Foreign Affairs: Dr. Pierluigi Donia – Doctorate in Specialized Training in Hygiene and Preventive Medicine – “La Sapienza” University – Rome;

Vice President for Internal Affairs: Dr. Luca Scogniglio Doctorate in Specialized Training in Legal Medicine and Insurance – Federico II University – Naples.

07 July 2022
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