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Mystery in St. Petersburg. The 61-year-old ran a transport company linked to Gazprom. Same ending for five other people connected to the gas giant from January to today

“The suicide hypothesis appears to be ruled out.” The Russian media is often a source of involuntary ridicule. Yuri Voronov’s body floated in the middle of the pond
. At the bottom, a pistol and dozens of shells. The announcer wrote, “A scene from a movie.” 47 news. A 61-year-old man, who left his office after two weeks of heavy liquor, as a result of a quarrel with his accomplices, a villa in the pocket of the wealthy in Pesci which according to testimonies from which No one will enter or leave in the three days preceding the alleged crime.

A crime story, taken from the Vyborgskj district north of Saint Petersburg. It helps to say that, because if we want to talk about the classic clichés of the three clues making the test, the quota has been greatly exceeded. Because Voronov is just the last name inList of people who had some connection with Gazprom
To die under at least suspicious circumstances
Almost all of them then described suicide or homicide. Like almost everyone else, he was not a real CEO of the Russian and world energy giant. Establish a transportation and logistics companyAstra Shipping, which lived on the subcontracts and the contracts that came to it from Gazprom.
And things weren’t going well for him at all, because In 2020 and 2021, his company closed the financial statements in deep red, with a total loss of 160 million rubles

The first death was also the most mysterious. Hardly anyone cares about her, because It happened at the end of Januarywhen the special military operation in Ukraine was still emerging as a remote hypothesis. Leonid Shulman, head of the transport department of Gazprom Invest, was found lifeless in the bathroom of his Moscow home.. Next to the corpse, a paper in which he apparently prompted his suicide with excessive pain caused by his recently operated leg, little motive for such a severe gesture. The best days have passed for him too. He was under investigation for allegations of fraud against Gazprom. In February, Alexander Tyulakov, 61, an executive of the treasury of Gazprom A company security officer was hanged in his garage. Even the Moscow police had to admit that the message in which he explained his gesture was considered unlikely.

In April, two more bloody events occurred. Sergei Protocinia was found dead with his wife and 13-year-old daughter in his villa in Lloret de MarHe began his career at Gazprom, but for years was the head of the corporate accounting department at Novatek, the fourth Russian company in the oil and gas sector. According to the Spanish police, he killed his loved ones with an ax before he committed suicide. A hotly contested version is the eldest son, the family’s sole survivor.

Instead, Vladislav Afaev, who also committed suicide after killing his wife Elena with an axe, according to Moscow newspapers because he suspected him of adultery, and then his thirteen-year-old daughter Maria., who suffered from cerebral palsy from birth, was a well-known figure in Moscow. He was the deputy head of Gazprombank and before that he was the deputy director of the Kremlin’s treasury department. He was recently a co-owner of Kaliningrad Carbonics, associated with Rostec, a leading company in the military-industrial complex led by Sergei Chemezov, a longtime friend of Vladimir Putin. In May, Andrei Krukovskij, who ran an alpine resort owned by Gazprom, died when he fell from a cliff in Sochi.where many of the company’s executives spend their holidays.

To search for the thread that unites
All these tragedies
, you can not find it. The only possible link is the one attributed in various ways to Gazprom and which, we must remember, is the beating heart of Putin’s power.
, not by chance entrusted at the highest levels to trusted persons. “If we forget about politics, the only person who can speak on an equal footing with the president is Gazprom CEO Alexei Miller,” said former Kremlin political advisor Sergei Markov. “Everything else is worthless.”

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