Zliha will think Yilmaz is dead, that’s why

A massive misunderstanding will trigger the next Italian Rings From earth time: A few weeks after her unhappy marriage to Demir Yaman (Murat Unalmesh), Zaliha Altuna (Hilal Al-Tanbelik) She will mistakenly think that her lover Yılmaz Akaya (Ugur Güneş) is dead and will try despite himself to continue his life…

Tera Amara, Episodes: Yilmaz was arrested but escaped from prison

Everything will start when Yilmaz will be arrested for Naji’s murder Based on veteran notification hunkar (Vahide Perçin), which He then forces Zuleiha (the pregnant woman) to marry Demir to make the child she is carrying in her womb her own.. When He will be sentenced to deathyilmaz You will succeed in escaping from prison But, even if he arrives at Hunkar and Demir’s estate, he will be surprised by him soon Gaffur Taşkın (Bulent Polat), who will take him back to the police station to be arrested again.

At this point, the prison doors will open again for Yilmaz: a sad place where he meets a completely unwelcome person, i.e. Willy Erdonmez (Mustafa Ajlan) Zulaiha’s half-brother…

Tera Amara, spoiler: Zliha thinks Yilmaz is dead, here’s why…

When he finds himself in front of him, Yilmaz will not be able to help him but slams Feli, who will complain about ruining his happiness forever and Zuleiha’s happiness when he decides to sell it to Naji to pay off his gambling debts.

A heated physical confrontation will then ensue between the two men, which will only get worse when Veli reveals to Yilmaz that Züleyha is now Demir Yaman’s wife (details which Veli himself learns after going to Hünkar, who will expel him by giving him an envelope full of money).

Because of the hustle and bustle, many prisoners would start arguing in the cell. Within a few minutes, a fire will start, due to which a lighted plate on which coffee was being cooked will fall to the floor. The police will try in vain to save all the detainees, but four of them will die.

The next morning, the radio will talk about the event and among the names of the deceased there will be an error – or at someone’s request? – So does Yilmaz. A news that will cause a real shock to Zuleha, who will lose consciousness as soon as he hears the news.

Tera Amara, intrigues: Zuleiha is in her seventh month of pregnancy!

How will the story go? After Zuleiha fainted, we can expect that television will be characterized by a small time jump, which is why viewers will find the woman already in the seventh month of pregnancy and completely give in to the idea of ​​losing Yilmaz.

On the one hand, it would be obvious that Altun is doing her best to make her marriage to Demir work, and on the other hand, the maid Sani Celine Yeninci still can’t accept it and won’t fail to do some harm. However, Zuleiha will start to put out a very bad mood and the first problem with the facilities will arise …

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