3 easy exercises to lose weight and tighten the muscles of the stomach and buttocks for those who suffer from back pain

Physical activity is fun and healthy, and not just for weight loss and weight loss. It plays a very important role in ensuring good health, at any age. Depending on the age group and any health problems, it should be exercised at a different intensity. Certainly those with back pain, or those who shouldn’t overdo it, need purposeful training. But this does not mean that he should deviate from a sedentary lifestyle, which puts him at risk of deteriorating health. With the costume rehearsal approaching, let’s see some exercises that need to be done to prepare the body. You can also do some exercises daily without straining your back.

3 easy exercises to lose weight and tighten the muscles of the stomach and buttocks for those who suffer from back pain

Not moving around on the pretext of putting too much pressure on your back makes no sense. By paying attention to your posture and warming up all the muscles well, you can still train. As the first exercise we do, we have the abdominal muscles, which will warm us up. We lie on the floor in a supine position, we put a hand under the back, in the naturally created curve. We put the other hand on the stomach, after which we bend the legs and raise them slightly. At this point, we slowly extend the legs, but without reaching the full extension. We hold the position for 20 seconds and then rest for another 10 seconds, repeating it for 3 sets.

Two more moves to calm us down

We always lie on the floor with the stomach raised and knees bent, crossing one leg over the other. Now we raise the pelvis to make the bridge, we hold this position for 30 seconds. If we feel a pull too hard, we can adjust the ground leg closer or closer to the butt. Repeat 3 times for each leg, always resting for at least 10 seconds. The last exercise is very hateful, but it is one of the most useful exercises in helping us lose that annoying extra weight. It can be practiced by anyone, even those with back pain, but with some caution. We sit on a chair facing the wall, our legs apart and our knees touching the wall. We keep our backs straight, hands touching the wall and then sit up again. This will allow us to perform well, have support and not overburden the back.

So, here are 3 easy exercises to lose weight and strengthen your muscles in the summer. In fact, almost all body weight exercises can be done without putting pressure on this delicate point. The important thing is to always pay attention to the situation and perform it as correctly as possible. We always do stretching before and after training and can safely get rid of unsightly rolls.


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