Apple’s last frontier | Now the device will also tell us if we need to go to the doctor

The latest feature Apple is working on is very useful, especially in the era we live in. Here’s how it works

Our smartphone is becoming, more and more, an essential, indeed, indispensable tool. Not just for work, not just for fun. But, now, for health reasons, too. In this sense, Apple always seems to be one step ahead. Here’s the latest gimmick.

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Smartphone camera to diagnose health related problems. after, after Google is using its artificial intelligence that can “read” parts of the body to predict the appearance of melanomasResearchers from the University of San Diego, California, They developed an app capable of detecting the first signs of Alzheimer’s disease. A methodology that exploits technology already in some phones, such as the infrared sensors in the front camera, and is designed to enable unlocking the phone through facial recognition.

The presence of infrared specifically allowed the researchers to use the Pixel 4 smartphone to analyze the pupils of patients looking for warning signs of Alzheimer’s disease. Also in this case, as with scanning the skin to diagnose localized diseases, the hardest part is the AI.

More and more development, He is able to distinguish the iris from the pupil even in the darkest eyes, observing the vibrations of the light spectrum while performing specific tests. As the researchers note, people with cognitive impairment will have greater pupil dilation upon completion of cognitive tests, a wake-up call for Alzheimer’s disease.

The latest feature from Apple

But it is not the only parameter that can be monitored by mobile phone. In 2021, healthcare platform Google Fit had already implemented the ability of Pixel smartphones to monitor heart rate using only camera sensors, without the need for additional accessories, such as connected watches and bracelets.. The Pixel isn’t the only cell phone that has an infrared “ir” sensor on the camera for taking selfies.

Rune Labs has developed an app that uses the Apple Watch’s motion sensors to detect the most common symptoms of Parkinson’s disease, including tremors, involuntary hand movements and lack of balance.All data already enabled by the watch for fitness activities and to prevent users from falling or to support them after a minor accident.

Apple Watch Series 8 (web source) 6.7.2022 DirectNews
Apple Watch Series 8 (web source)

However, the last function that Apple is working on is very useful, especially in the era we live in. In fact, the COVID-19 pandemic has generated an even more frequent need to know our body temperature. In fact, one of the symptoms of Covid disease is fever. Then the gauges multiplied.

So here is this Apple Watch Series 8 can soon be used as a thermometer. According to the leaked rumors, The device should notify you of a rise in body temperature. It is clear that this function will be useful not only for fever, but also for other physical processes that lead to an increase in temperature, for example, the more fertile periods of women.

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