Because the rowing machine is a fitness tool for arms, legs and abdomen

The rowing machine is the complete fitness machine you must try

Experts say: the rowing machine (the so-called “rowing machine”) is one of the most effective and complete gym equipment, because, by reproducing the movements that the rower performs on a canoe or boat, it allows you to train the whole body, stimulating up to 80% of muscle. Although the training that is performed with a rowing machine is mainly of the cardiovascular type and promotes fat loss, the use of this tool actually activates almost all muscle groups, both in the upper and lower body. Pulling the central dumbbells, we work out all the upper muscles: the muscles of the arms and back. At the same time, we tighten the lower muscles by bending and extending the knees to move the body back and forth. It is a complete exercise that practically helps to maintain the shape of the whole body,” explains Daniel Martinez, Fitness Director at David Lloyd Club Turó, the prestigious sports center in Barcelona that has hosted, among other things, three editions of the annual WTA (Women’s Tennis Association) tournament. women’s).

What is a rowing machine?

In addition to helping you lose weight and strengthen muscles, the rowing machine plays a number of important roles in a healthy body. In particular, it contributes to the activation of blood circulation, increases physical endurance and muscle strength. Moreover, rowing is a relatively light exercise, and it can also be performed by people who are overweight or who are no longer young.

Types of rowing machines

There are different types of rowing machines. A piston rowing machine offers two levers that mimic the oars used in rowing boats. While holding it, the user makes the typical movement of the row. Resistance is provided by pistons inserted under the saddle rail or onto connected winches. On the other hand, the most professional rowers are those who use wheel brakes: air, water or electromagnetic. A rowing machine of this type is formed by an axle on which a trolley slides, and by a fan attached to a chain that the user pulls towards himself with a leash.

How to train on the rowing machine

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While it is clear that a personal trainer can prescribe different types of training with this machine (timed, scheduled, or timed), there are two basic ways to use a rowing machine in the gym.

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