Calabria especially noted, among the regions with the highest probability of exceeding the alert threshold

The Ministry of Health is sounding the alarm to the regions. After a period of significant latency, the virus begins to raise its head and then an escape attempt is made. It’s actually yesterday Circular sent from Rome, which contains a series of indications It aims to contain the disruptive effects of the Omicron 5 variant, which is spreading especially rapidly throughout Italy.

Note Covid, Calabria in particular

The publication includes the results of the control room collected on July 1, during which the epidemiological picture was analyzed region by region. Calabria It is not yet among the high-risk but remains a special note. It is categorized among the areas of moderate risk but with a high probability of progression. There are three regions of similar classification, besides Calabria, Friuli-Venezia Giulia, and Sicily to which it belongs The possibility of rapid deterioration is high.

alert limit

In fact, it was referred to in the control room report as an area with a “greater than 50% probability”. To exceed the alert limit in the medical field employment rate over the following month, if current transmissibility is maintained.” There are two indicators of particularly concern: the weekly case rate and family occupancy in the medical district.

Increase in covid cases

The control room actually examined the last three weeks of June, noting a gradual increase in cases: from 10 to 16 the infection was about 238, the next week (from 17 to 23) to 372 To reach 578 missiles in the last week of June (from 24 to 30). Household occupancy – at the date of the last survey – was still below the 20% (18.7%) threshold that had been most frequently exceeded in the last few days (25%).

new wave of covid

«Despite the summer period when many outdoor activities are done, that’s for sure severe epidemic stage – CONCLUSION – It is characterized by a significant increase in infection, by transmissibility (whether calculated on symptomatic cases or hospitalizations) above the epidemic threshold and by an increase in bed occupancy rates in the medical and intensive care field.”

Expanding the covid family

Hence the need to start planning the appropriate countermeasures contained in yesterday’s circular to all regions. In the first place, it is recommended to “enact regulatory actions aimed at addressing the increase in demand for health care associated with infection in the coming weeks, both at the hospital and district level, Ensure appropriate expansion of the medical district’s beds And the intensive care dedicated to the virus, to be adjusted according to the emergency needs.”


Finally, the importance of completing the vaccination course was reiterated, which – especially in Calabria – has very little support. “Maintaining a high immune response through the booster dose, with particular attention to the categories indicated by the ministerial provisions, are essential tools Mitigating the clinical impact of the epidemic“The double signed memorandum of the General Directorate of Health Planning and Health Protection concludes.”

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