Certification ceremony for 42 doctors in English

Friday July 8 2022 – 18:30

Catholic University: Degree Festival for 42 Doctors in English

Concert in Rome with opening speech by Ziegelstein (Baltimore)

Milan, July 8 (askanews) – Degree Ceremony for 42 students enrolled in Medicine and Surgery, the degree course fully activated in English at the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery of the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart in the 2013/2014 academic year. On graduation day, new graduates from the European Union and from all over the world were announced today, Friday, July 8, as Doctors in Medicine and Surgery in the auditorium of the Rome office of the Catholic University. The ceremony was opened with institutional greetings from the Rector of the Catholic University Prof. Franco Agnelli, Director of the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery Prof. Rocco Bellanton and Head of the Undergraduate Course in Medicine and Surgery Prof. Giovanni Gambasi.

The opening remarks were given by Professor Roy C. Zigelstein, Sarah Miller Coulson, Professor of Medicine Frank L. Coulson Jr., and Mary Wallace Stanton, Professor of Education and Vice Dean for Education at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and Surgery. The University of Baltimore, by addressing undergraduates, stressed the importance of caring for patients and their families, paying special attention to the most vulnerable groups in society, and recognizing the extraordinary power of future physicians not only to help patients, but also to improve the world, remembering these values ​​throughout their professional and personal lives.

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