City of Health and Fujifilm Partnership: “Artificial Intelligence for Faster, More Accurate Medical Diagnosis”

Turin. “Artificial intelligence and healthcare in Italy Medical technology is the key to rapid and accurate diagnosis, easing the burden on health professionals and avoiding medical contradictions at the regional level. Our mission is to solve social problems through innovation.” like him Trichyana GotoFujifilm, President and CEO, outlines the partnership announced this morning with City of Health to deliver the REiLI platform later this year.

Fujifilm unveils new technology platform in Health City

The platform uses several recognition algorithms to manage clinical images and is able to detect potential anomalies. It also reduces the error rate and speeds up radiation work processes and thus reduces waiting lists.
For the Regional Health Adviser, Luigi IcardiIt is “an added value that gives the possibility of leadership at the Italian level in the management of images through artificial intelligence”. In his view, “this is the first step in a collaboration that will be increasingly profitable.” according to Giovanni Valli“The fall of artificial intelligence in our radiology and a step forward in performance,” said the Director of the City of Health.

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