Daytime sleepiness and how to solve the problem: causes and treatments

Daytime drowsiness can be a disabling problem for many people. Let’s find out how to solve the problem by analyzing the causes and treatments.

Daytime sleepiness (Sammy Sander from Pixabay)

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At least once in their lives, everyone happened to yawn and hear calls Sleeps during the day. Such physical and mental fatigue can lead to real difficulty in performing any process in the course of everyday life: from work to study, from household chores to free time. The main reason for Daytime sleepiness It falls in night rest: The brain actually needs time to recharge, and if this happens in non-ideal ways, the whole body suffers. If this factor is rare, it is completely normal while if it recurs frequently over time, it is necessary to intervene as soon as possible. Let’s find out how to do it together.

Daytime drowsiness, its causes and treatment methods: Here’s how to solve the problem

To avoid this problem and not suffer from insomnia during the night, we recommend some strategies to implement. First of all, this will not have to be done heavy meals Before bed: this is because of one Digestion is required or a gastric reflux They are the number one barrier to good sleep. Another way to improve sleep quality is change rank If what you have is too hard, soft, or worn.

How to solve daytime drowsiness
Mattress in the bedroom (Tama66 from Pixabay)

Again, this should be done as much as possible Regulating anxiety and stress levels Even if they are now an integral part of modern life. In fact, when the brain senses these two factors, it releases adrenaline and cortisol into the body, two hormones that interfere with the possibility of sleep causing insomnia to return. To combat this discomfort before bedtime, it is recommended to do poses yoga Or dedicate about twenty minutes to Meditation.

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also sleeping too much Could be a problematic factor: during night It is recommended to rest for a limited time between 7 and 8 hours during the period a nap Afternoon should not exceed 20 minutes. Moreover it will be necessary to improve The surrounding environment Where you sleep: The brain is built to fall asleep in the dark and wake up with light. If there are appliances that put a lot of lights in the room during the night, they may get annoyed and cause you to feel sleepy during the day.

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The last recommendation we give you is to listen to Accurate opinion from the doctor If the problem persists even after the above advice. Sleep is an essential part of life and therefore it should be looked at without underestimating it.

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