Disease breaks out in the royal house

Kate Middleton scares everyone, the alarm goes off in court. Only she was taken away by rescue. A terrible disease reaches the royal house. What happens to the beloved Duchess of Cambridge? Terrible drama.

Prince William worried

Kate Middleton suffers from health problems. The Duchess of Cambridge Had to leave WimbledonAnd the Rescue robbed her. A terrible disease struck her. This is what happens to her. Think about it for her.

Highlight Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton She is the most beloved duchess of all time. It is considered Lady Diana’s heiressfollowed with affection by subjects and Loved in every corner of the world. Beautiful, sunny and sweet, crossing her eyes Deep gratitude to the people That since his official participation with Prince William Welcome her with open arms.

Kate Middleton
Kate Middleton – Quotidiano.it

The people of the United Kingdom He would like her to be his future queen’s companion But, unfortunately, before Kate On the throne he sits Unfortunately it is believed to be very close, Camilla ParkerThe wife of Prince Charles.

Recently Kate makes everyone worry about being too thin. Among those who cryLoss of appetite and talking about eating disorders And who thinks he suffers? Depression or mental and physical exhaustionThere is another news that disturbs the court: A terrible disease has already crept into the royal palace and struck Kate.

The Duchess of Cambridge worries everyone

The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, she makes the world worry: The A terrible disease entered the royal palace and hit her.

Kate Middleton
Kate Middleton – Quotidiano.it

How do you know Kensington Palace spokesmanAnd the Prince William’s wife came into contact with a person infected with Covid-19 virus So it was Forced to isolate:

“Last week, the Duchess of Cambridge came into contact with a person who tested positive for covid-19. His Royal Highness does not have any symptoms at the moment but is strictly following government guidelines with home quarantine.”

So Kate will have to skip some public events How Celebrating the 73rd anniversary of the British National Health Service. However, people are worried about her, They fear that the whole truth will not come out of the palace And that the problem is much more serious than that exposed.

how do you know Sunday Weekly Daily Star, The Duchess of Cambridge had received some serious threats Before the Tennis Championships with Daniel Evans:

“Secret Service agents believe the threats to Kate are not simple, it is disgusting because it involves Kate’s children and hinders her attempt to live a normal life as any mother would want. Even today, investigators fear carrying out the threats knowing that this disgusting event could happen. anywhere, even within the confines of one of the world’s most famous tennis tournaments.”

whats the truth? Kate really connected with a positive person She isolated herself for this reason Or the security services develop a protection plan for the Duchess And his family?

Unfortunately Members of the royal family are always under threat and attacks The safety of the royal family comes first. In any case, People want to see Kate again in public as soon as possible.

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