Don’t eat these protein bars! Your health is in danger: Ministry memo

Risk of poisoning or pain for those who consume this type of protein bar, widely used for those who care about the body

live a healthy life, Keep fit through physical activity and a healthy dietIt is one of the best solutions to feel satisfied and live long. But it is clear that everything should be done with standards and without exaggeration.

Energy bars (Instagram photos)

many people, to do what is called existence”healthyThey also rely on nutritious and protein products, which can replace an entire meal and not lead to any drop in sugar or vitamins during the day.

We refer to the very worn out protein bars. A type of healthy, completely fat-free candy, produced by major brands that helps those who are on a diet or follow a certain diet to eat without losing shape.

Well-known brand of energy alert products: protein bars for sale

consumers bars However, the proteins of the past few hours will have to be very careful, given today’s press release Ministry of Health. A well-known brand in the field of energy and health products offered some polluting panels for sale.

As stated in the ministerial note, protein bars from Herbalife Nutrition They are subject to an official summons. Blame it on the existence of risk allergens. This means that these bars have been in contact with foreign substances that can activate allergic reactions to those who ingest them.

Herbalife logo (Instagram)

The warning therefore warns all those who intend to purchase or have previously purchased Herbalife protein bars. especially The kind enriched with vitamins and flavored with almond and vanilla.

Important Report It should not be underestimated, given that in recent years many Italians have decided to replace some of their daily meals with the consumption of these energy bars.

Herbalife Nutrition is an American multinational, precision-made in California, that operates in the weight control and skin care food segment. A very successful company, products are exported almost all over the world. Just think that CEO John O. Agwunobi has publicly announced that Herbalife boasts an annual turnover of $5.5 billion.

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