Double crater on the moon

Stars have always attracted all kinds of attention from those on Earth. The moon, in particular, is the subject of multiple observations by the less experienced, and obviously by scientists and researchers. Only the latter, recently, seems obsessed with it picture Which led to a series of ambiguous questions. Yes, because precisely, a Double crater on the moon Which, at least in principle, seems to have no explanation.

Being different from the other pits, this double depression was immediately unusual. Observed by the team that moves and watches NASA’s Lunar Orbital Reconnaissance. And what came out of this observation was really amazing.

Detection of a double crater on the surface of the moon

But what exactly is the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter and how reliable is it? You won’t need to say it, but it’s more reliable: it’s a file computerized system It was launched into orbit in 2009 with a dual mission: to investigate the appearance of the moon, to identify sites with high scientific potential and the potential presence of natural resources and to identify potential landing areas for the future. Human and robotic lunar missions.

The instruments aboard the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter are state-of-the-art (albeit thirteen years since they were launched): they are, in fact, able to determine day and night moon temperatures, and return images to the moon. High-resolution colors and observation of the effects of magnetism on their poles. So it shouldn’t surprise scientists’ reaction when the spacecraft sent an image to the base immortalizing a double crater so large that, so far, it has survived exploration.

Hypotheses about the double pit

The fact that this double lunar crater had not been discovered earlier made scientists jump from their seats: When it was formed? How did this happen? According to the lunar reconnaissance probe estimates, the area under analysis is characterized by a Eastern crater with a diameter of 18 meters From the western crater of a volcano Diameter about 16 meters. The area does not appear to show any other cliffs or slopes, which rules out the idea of ​​natural craters.

Then the hypothesis of an asteroid collision was evaluated (The type of impact that, moreover, is responsible for the formation of numerous craters), but the shape of the valleys did not match in length and location. So, here is the enlightenment: it could have been Spent a missile coming straight from the ground. Yes, because a rocket that runs out of fuel and stops its life cycle has a concentrated mass at the end of the engine that can actually cause a visible footprint on the Moon. Or at least it can.

Find the official

So far, in fact, no other rocket that has hit the Moon has caused a double crater. The Apollo missions spacecraft 13, 14, 15 and 17, for example, formed unique craters, which are larger and with more irregular sides. So what is the missile that could be the cause of these holes? This is what scientists are trying to understand.

By comparing observations and images sent by the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter in recent years, it appears that the impact occurred on March 4, 2022. In the coming months, magnetic fingerprints of the region and spectra of the double crater’s physical composition will be analyzed to understand who is really responsible. All that remains is to wait for new repercussions.

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