Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth will not spoil the image of the original and will be a huge game –

According to Yoshinori Kitase, the executive producer of the Final Fantasy 7 series, Final fantasy 7 rebirth won’t spoilThe original picture and will be huge game, which will appeal to both historical fans and new players. At least so he thought.

These statements were made during a series of interviews with Japanese newspapers, as the main characters in the franchise opened up more about the game and what we can expect.

Ketas: “The game does not deviate much from the original game and will give you the same sensations. The Midgar we created for Final Fantasy 7 Remake was made to please fans of the original. Likewise, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth does not destroy the image of the game so dear to fans. Speaking of which, it’s going to be a really huge game.

Join Kitase Tetsuya Nomurathe game’s character designer, who wanted to reassure fans: “Some are concerned and wonder if three games are enough, or if it will be like an accelerated version of the original. It won’t be, so don’t be afraid. Needless to say, you will feel the same sense of freedom that Medgar originally left. I think you will be surprised that we managed to include it in the game.

Speaking of history, Nomura stated that the rule will remain the same, but there will be deities new secrets This will be interesting even for history buffs: “However, due to the changes introduced by the remake trilogy, part of the story will progress differently from the original. While playing Rebirth, it will appear that some scenarios from the original have been cut, but our policy during development was to not cut anything. Certain places and events will simply be displayed in a different order than the original order. “

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