GTA 6 sucks all Rockstar games, resources removed from Red Dead Online –

While GTA 6 Continuing to develop, Rockstar Games finds itself forced focus efforts Almost in the new game, so Change media size For live service titles, like GTA Online and above all Red Dead OnlineWhich practically starts at sunset.

It was not really surprising: the lack of support for Red Dead Online is now known, to the point that users even organized a funeral for the game, but at this point it was clearly reported by Rockstar Games.

In the new community update released by the team, the developers explained that the majority of the workforce is now occupied with GTA 6, but GTA Online will also continue to receive updates at a good pace.

To pay for this reorganization, it seems above all Red Dead Online, given that No new content planned Enter the game in the next period. Rockstar Games promised the usual rotation of activities, various promotions that will be launched and specific events, but no additional content or major news will be released, in fact announcing, in a sense, a slow shutdown of Red Dead Online, although it is clear that it will continue in activity.

In short, we’re still far from deeming Red Dead Online “dead”, but users’ funerals aren’t far from reality, especially considering the support it continues to get. GTA Online Which will obviously also contain GTA 6. As for the latter, a huge leak has surfaced in recent days, but it hasn’t been fully confirmed.

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