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In recent days, the Ministry of Universities and Research published the decree regarding new admission tests for degree courses with restricted access in the medical health field. There are several changes made by Minister Maria Cristina Mesa that will affect in particular, Entry tests For one-cycle master’s degree courses from Medicine, surgery, dentistry, prosthetics and veterinary medicine and degree courses health care professions.

A real revolution is expected on the horizon, with hundreds of ambitious new students ahead who – after completing a maturity test – are ready for it. Share and start a new chapter in your life. To do this, however, they will need all possible information so as not to be surprised by the innovations offered by MUR and try to get one of the places in demand. So let’s see all the news of the 2022 exam and how to prepare better thanks to the support of Nissolino UniTest experts to prepare the entrance exams.

Medical and Health District Entry Test: Updates for the 2022-2023 academic year

The ruling, signed by University and Research Minister Maria Cristina Mesa, aims to redesign the structure and content of entrance examinations into single-cycle master’s degree courses from Medicine, surgery, dentistry, dental, veterinary and certification degrees for the health professions.
Change actually translates to Fewer questions related to general knowledge in favor of more quizzes related to the topics of the title. So we are seeing another change of course and a rework of the general culture competitions which will now also change its name to “Reading Skills and Knowledge Acquired in Studies”.

Thus, the number of questions for each subject will also vary, depending on the degree programme. In detail, exams for medicine, dentistry, health professions and veterinary courses will consist of 15% of questions related to logical reasoning, numerical reasoning and general culture questions. The rest will be instead Focus on the main subjects: thus mathematics, physics, biology and chemistry.

Already in 2019, MUR has adopted a breakdown of entrance exam questions aimed at balancing logical reasoning questions and general culture, with twelve general culture questions and ten logical reasoning questions. Previously, in fact, reasoning tests made up a third of the test with up to 20 questions out of 60, while general knowledge questions were only 2. Thus, the new formula, which has been in force since September, is intended to re-dimension the questions on the “additional” topics, and to give more importance to the distinct disciplines.

And that’s not all. Because from 2023/24, the medicine test will completely change its face, to become an online test”TOLCCoordinated by Cisia (International Consortium for Integrated Systems of Access).

Medical Health District Entrance Test: How the New Tests Work

In practice, this translates into a new entry test for degree courses in the field of medical health. entrance exam for this year, Staying present and going for 100 minutes: two components common to all courses. As for the structure, The exam will focus on 60 multiple-choice questions, with 5 answer options that the candidate has to choose from. More than anything else, it is the content of the test that undergoes significant changes in terms of the number of questions.
Specifically, entrance exams for degree courses in medicine, surgery, dentistry, prosthetics, dental and health professions will consist of:

  • 4 questions about reading skills and knowledge gained in studies;
  • 5 questions of logical reasoning and problems;
  • 23 questions in biology;
  • 15 questions in chemistry
  • 13 questions in physics and mathematics.
  • Regarding the entrance test for the certificate course in veterinary medicine, questions of reasoning and general culture will follow the same fate, The only difference is the detail of the questions related to biology and chemistry: they both contain 19 questions.

    Medical Health Field: Entry Test Scores, Ranking and Passing

    Also this year, the maximum score for the entrance exams into the scheduled access courses was 90 points. The result will be set as follows: 1.5 points for each correct answer; 0 points for each missed answer and -0.4 for each wrong answer. It goes without saying that to get more Opportunities For admission, especially in the universities indicated in the preferences, it is necessary to have a definitely high score set. Regardless of the final score, the prerequisite is to reach the minimum 20 points needed to enter the national ranking.
    According to the ministerial calendar, CINECA will then publish the national ranking on the Universitaly portal with their respective names and results, with one allocation the condition For each candidate based on the result achieved. who turns out “Charged” We will rejoice: the goal has been achieved. In fact, this condition is reserved for those who return to the available places related to the “first advantageous preference”. “Assigned” students will have four working days to proceed with registration at their designated place. After the deadline, the candidate will lose the assignment. Those who fail to get the first preference will end up in the limbo of the gods “Reservation”. In this case, the candidate has been awarded a place of second preference onwards and will have to wait for confirmation from the “assigned” in hopes of passing in the ranking. At this point, the ‘reserved’ candidate will find two ways: register at the office they are assigned to or wait to pass in the ranking and hope that someone higher will give up access to the ‘first useful preference’.
    A different letter instead Admission test for colleges related to health professions. As mentioned, each university can adopt individual judgments regarding the contents of the test, On the basis of programs and structure dictated by the Ministry. This also applies to the publication of the ranking, which can therefore differ from one university to another also in terms of the criteria for allocating places. Therefore, to find out if you are in an advantageous position, you will need to inquire into individual universities, as well as monitor the university’s web portal. However, there is a general rule for all of them, according to which, in order to be eligible for the health professions exam, it is necessary to have at least 0 points.

    Nissolino UniTest: the support you need to realize your dreams

    Entrance exams for degree courses in the medical health sector attract thousands of ambitious new students every year, but with each edition the competition is really fierce. To give an idea, with a lot of numbers on hand, in the latest edition, the places available for the faculties of medicine and surgery were about 14,020, compared to 77,376 registered in the test: this means that only 1 in 5 made it to the desired goal. This is the reason why you enter the ranking, you not only need to prepare yourself in the best possible way, but also aim to stand out in order to hope for a place in the place where you want to study.. This is a difficult task but not impossible. To do this, you need to set your goal and go straight on your own path. However, sometimes the support of an experienced professional can be key to achieving a goal. In this sense, my teacher Nissolino UniTest They are the best possible solution when looking for support in study but also emotional support.

    During Lessons offered live and on demandAvailable on .’s e-learning platform Nissolino UniTestCandidates will be able to prepare the entrance exam for the College of Medicine, Veterinary Medicine, Dentistry and Health Professions in complete peace. All this is possible thanks to the Nissolino UniTest Study Method, which targets the topics on which the entrance exams focus. Study progress that Focuses on the student’s goal: to pass the test. The tools available are in fact result oriented, assisting the ambitious new student at every stage of his or her path.
    thanks for the Class Notebooks, Useful books to deepen each of the topics covered by the competition, each student will be able to get all the concepts covered in class, in order to memorize them in the best possible way. The Thousands of educational programs They can be used on an e-learning platform and then allow you to simulate an actual exam, and put yourself to the test in quizzes to improve your chances of success. The Video Tutorials, even in on-demand mode, it allows you to review the topics covered at any time, deepening the more difficult topics whenever the need arises. The icing on the cake is Support provided by Nissolino UniTest teachers who assist the student in all stages of exam preparation, helping him to manage anxiety and stress.

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