In search of glory in the golden age of piracy

Skull & Bones was announced many years ago, and long in hiding, the infamous pirate ship relentlessly strove across all seven seas. Well, the era of rumors and official information scattered around is over, because we witnessed it Special Ubisoft Event Which thanks to the words of the development team and the sequence of the game, we were able to discover all the essential characteristics of this experience that were put intoThe golden age of piracySkull & Bones will finally see the light on November 8th. Without further ado, we board our ship: hidden islands, settlements for loot, and merchant ships full of treasures await.

Hard life in the open sea

To escape the dictates of the company that wanted them poor and unimportantMen and women of all races turned their gazes toward the sea and embarked on ships of all sizes in search of fortune, glory, and, above all, a new life more dangerous and adventurous than the previous one, of course, but also worthy of being called this. With this concept in mind, the guys from Ubisoft Singapore worked to create a product with colors Darker than traditional pirate photosAccording to Vanessa Seo, Global Producer for Skull & Bones.

This open world journey – or rather ”open sea– It can be experienced either alone, or completing missions and raids without outside help from your crew, or with the support of player ships from all over the world, with whom it will be possible to share contracts, destroy fortresses and take revenge on pirate hunters., By joining the PvP server You will be able to dive in Epic battles against other users, perhaps to deprive them of their newly acquired loot. At the same time, of course, we should expect assaults and ambushes, from those who can see us with their telescope while – being beaten – we will be on our way to the nearest port after raiding a settlement.

Seeing your ship sank means losing part of the resources it contains, which, however, can be recovered by returning to the wreck. However, things will not always go smoothly, as enemy leaders may decide to Embarking on the destroyed boat To loot it, so as to make the previous defeat more burnt. In any case, these challenges will only appear in a second moment of the experience, which will instead begin with a traumatic event.

Our alter ego, fully customizable Whether in physical appearance or on the front of clothing – Among the hats and clothes befitting a captain – he will actually survive a shipwreck and then wake up on a remote island in the middle of the Indian Ocean. on aboard of the plane daw (or Dau), the smallest boat available in Skull & Bones, will embark on a perilous criminal ascent that will see him gather a large crew and take command of a real ship. With the help of simple spears – in which sections must be made personally – he will be able to hunt crocodiles and hippos, and, according to the photos shown during the event, killer white sharks. The elimination of predators, as well as the different types of missions and activities to be completed, will ensure essential resources to continue the adventure as well as food: making sure that the crew is always well-fed and healthy will be essential, because – as revealed by the developers – otherwise it has also been decided rebellion, drifting away in time of need.

At the moment, it is impossible to express ourselves about the possible consequences associated with the betrayal of our men, but we must admit that this discovery may be quite interesting. By completing treasure hunts, looting, investigations, dynamic events and contracts entrusted to us by pirates we meet, we will see them grow shameIt is the prestige level that will allow us to unlock new designs and projects with which to create different types of ships, weapons and armor, thanks to a manufacturing system that promises to be full of possibilities. In this way, more and more hackers will know our name and as a result we will receive more and more high-risk but high-reward tasks.

However, it seems, if we fail to honor the agreement with another rogue, we will find ourselves having to pay a very high price and do not know if it is only in economic terms. At the beginning of the game we will explore St. Ann’s Streets, one of the many pirate places scattered all over the map. In similar places we will be able to buy supplies, communicate with players, and improve or build boats of different types.

Cargo ships, for example, will be slower and at the same time useful for transporting large amounts of loot, while those used for fast navigation will have less capacity and resistance. We then come to ships capable of accommodating a greater number of guns and tools of death, whose firepower is paid for by Low maneuverability.

Between Greek fires, mortars, bombs, and shells, we will have many ways to send opponents’ ships to the bottom of the sea, which is why the developers have thought of a great deal of protection and armor with different strengths and weaknesses. It will be up to us to build and modify the ship to suit our style of play and obviously hope we don’t run into a mix of offensive and defensive elements that are obviously more effective than average. In short, it seems that a variety of methods for exploring the seas and skirmishes do not exist, and the same is true for the customization of the boat which, among the characters capable of instilling terror and the elegantly decorated sails, seems to have the necessary numbers to make you happy addicted to the aesthetic factor.

Heart of the game: Naval battles

From the coasts of Africa to the East Indies, Ubisoft Singapore has built A spacious theater to present the saga of the piratewhich will make us sail the seas on starry nights, thunderstorms and turbulence so severe that it raises dangerous anomalous waves.

Except for the excellent effects of explosions and global lighting that want to do justice to every detail of fine-grained ships, it’s also true that Skull & Bones seems grounded in the graphic standards of the last generation, think polygonal models for thrift or somewhat conservative LOD management.

Anyway, thanks to successful artistic direction and what appears to be a good variety of settings, take part in dynamic events – especially Large-scale battles against warships It was set up to protect the wealthy principals of the maritime trade – or touring the settlements, it should be fun and hopefully we’ll be able to say the same about the playful solutions the team has developed.

Post-launch plansTask manager Terry Hahn revealed some details about Ubisoft’s plans for post-launch support for Skull & Bones. The new contents, which he said will arrive not only in the months but in the coming years, will be free for everyone, from scary challenges to be faced in groups, to the smallest themed events. Obviously, there will be new ships, weapons, and aesthetics, which will increase the offensive possibilities and customization options. Moreover, pirate captains all over the world will not only have to deal with local factions, but also rulers so that they are not underestimated, think Compagnie Royale and its terrible bombs. From new activities related to smuggling and theft of valuable goods, to assaults on cargo ships and obtaining important trade routes, it seems that Team Singapore’s title wants to keep players in the waves of its seas for a long time.

In this regard, the game director said Ryan Barnard They accompanied us to see a movie dedicated to the Skull & Bones game episode, as well as the main cornerstone of the experience: the naval battles. After accepting a carpenter’s contract at Telok Penjarah, a pirate haunt, Captain Barnard extends it to an ally from the development team with a few clicks, then heads to the port to tune his ship. graceful dean Capable of accommodating multiple loads in the face of limited firepower. Equipped with weapons and cargo bags, and leather and stone armor, Barnard made sure he carried artillery rounds, ammo, repair kits and good food with him to keep the morale of his men high. When the navigation began, one of the product’s defining characteristics was revealed: a net third-person perspective attached to a lookout on a crow’s nest, The ship will rule itself exclusively in personEven in battle.

This possibility may exacerbate indulgences in some situations, but when the boat arrived at the settlement filled with oil drums for theft, some suspicions arose. From the moment the crew descends to Earth to begin the looting, which ends the moment the Special indicator fills completelyWe should expect artillery and mortar rounds coming from the camp, and a possible attack from ships coming to rescue the honorable citizens.

From what we have seen, the boundaries of the area in which you have to stay in order to follow the raid is a bit narrow and marked with a clear yellow stripe yes but maybe not enough in the middle of a clash between ships that saw in the first place a person. Between needing to hit weak spots in ships and turrets – to destroy them in less time – and having to dodge or collect burrs as much as possible, we hope so Clarity of procedure has not been compromised of this type of presentation.

Being able to keep a close eye on your allies loading their weapons and then firing is very exciting and if we add to that the comrades ships who are meanwhile spending their reinforcement boats, the feeling of being involved in a full-scale battle is there. . All. The Boarding Unfortunately, they seemed less interesting to us, because they could not be experienced first-hand. Basically, they are short movies in which the crew jumps on a cargo ship to get it Total loot And the resources it contains, it is clear after the last men who defend it have been eliminated.

Just like the brief celebrations after the looting is finished, whether it’s for the animation or for the polygonal models, these aren’t particularly great moments on the front of the stage.

In the end, it seems that Skull & Bones has been offering an entertainment capable experience for a while related to the effectiveness of customization and content delivery but above all to the success of naval battles. In other words, we will have to try Ubisoft Singapore first-hand to dispel some doubts about the gameplay that you should ensure anyway. Freedom of consistent approach Whether on the offensive or defensive fronts, to the delight of hacker lovers.

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