Inter, the two fronts impeding the market. Marotta seeks to accelerate

Recent moves to support the team depend on Sanchez’s farewell, first and foremost, and on Skriniar’s sale. The Nerazzurri are in a hurry to shut down to avoid auctions on alternatives already set for some time (with whom there is already an agreement in principle)

There are two other solutions that must be resolved before the work can be completed, which has already started just a week after the transfer market. Everything is going according to plan at the Nerazzurri, but the need to determine the last operations and close the circle is beginning to loom. Now that the great midfield maneuvers have officially closed off Vidal’s farewell, there are two hot fronts on which efforts must be focused: defence, which needs a replacement for Ranucchia and (most likely) Skriniar’s heir, and attack, which must be simplified with Sanchez’s farewell and (if possible) farewell. Between Dzeko and Korea, in order to make room for Goya. The most complex puzzle, at the moment, appears to be the one related to the Chilean Offensive and Crowded Division.

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