It was withdrawn from the market, which is dangerous to health

A popular brand of protein bars has been pulled from supermarket shelves because it would put consumers at risk

The Ministry of Health It is back again with a new recall of food, after paper pipettes, to protect the health of citizens and consumers. The products that we find every day on the supermarket shelves are constantly under control compatibility test It controls that they do not have problems of different kinds: unwanted substances, external things that should not be present, incompatible substance levels and more. This time, a note in the viewfinder Slimming Protein Bars Brand.

This brand is among the best known brands in the market in the world of diets, healthy eating and meal replacements. In particular, some protein bars that replace meals but may be dangerous to health and Citizens’ safety and consumers. Let’s find out more.

Dangerous fingers? Citizens’ health is at risk

It is only HerbalifePerhaps the most popular brand of weight loss products, bars, shakes and meal replacements for those looking to lose weight and get fit. If you’re familiar with the world of diets and proper food, you’ve probably at least heard of this well-known brand. But you might not have imagined that even brands of this caliber could end up in the crosshairs of food recalls by the government. This time it went like this.

In particular, batches of Vanilla protein bars Who would have recorded the existence of allergens Not advertised on the label. Allergens must always be indicated by law on product packaging to allow people with allergies of all types not to risk consuming a product that may cause an allergic reaction. Failure to prescribe the allergen can be very dangerous to consumers and potentially a risk For health and safety.

As usual, the advice in these cases is Do not consume the product, if previously purchased and return the package to the point of sale where it was purchased, in order to obtain a right of refund. Every day, the Ministry of Health checks the necessity of withdrawing products from the market because they are at risk, in order to ensure the safety of citizens and allow them to buy and consume food freely and with serenity.

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