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Food poisoning has affected many consumers in recent weeks. Certainly, heat is the main cause of discomfort. Let’s see how to protect our health.

The priority is to defend against toxic infections that would ruin a holiday or summer period. ADI explains how to do this.

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The Italian Association of Dietitians and Clinical Nutritionists alerts Italians to an increased risk of infection food poisoning. Extreme heat facilitates the reproduction of toxins but the underlying causes of toxic infections are different. There is no need to believe that the problem can only arise through exciting pollution As it happened with salmonella in ferrero chocolate or E. coli in frozen pizza. The risk may be less obvious and limited to our stock. This is why ADI was developed List of tips To follow it to reduce the chances of developing food poisoning. The association wants to provide consumers with the right awareness and optimal tools for Avoid any risks.

Food poisoning, scares the number of dangerous bacteria

We all know about salmonella or listeria, but few know that, in fact, bacteria dangerous to an organism can lead to 250 different types of poisoning. The source of danger lies in animal and plant toxins but also behind chemicals and contaminants that contaminate food. So how do we mention the pesticides that are the plague of fruits and vegetables and that are also found in dairy packages. Thus, the numbers frighten consumers, and the summary that ADI proposes at the global level is another warning signal that should not be underestimated.

In the year they signed up 350 thousand cases of food poisoning In the world (about 30% of the population) and more than 300,000 interventions are caused by the intake of substances harmful to the body.

Tips to avoid risks

ADI suggests that Handling food with clean utensils And in sterile environments. Likewise, food should be stored in properly maintained places. The refrigerator, for example, must be sterilized so that it does not cause the breeding of bacteria. its enough A mixture of water and vinegar To keep it clean and ensure proper storage of the food that must be placed in the most appropriate place.

Leftovers for lunch and dinner should be saved In airtight containers; Raw meat should not come into contact with other foods and hot food should not be placed in the refrigerator immediately but should wait until it has cooled. The most important tip is to wash your hands often when preparing food. Pay attention, then, to cleaning the pantry, to products that have expired and those that have been open for a very long time. As for cooking food, remember that only mold and bacteria can be defeated Temperatures above 120 degrees. On the other hand, cold does not always kill bacteria as it does, for example, with Listeria that is able to survive in the refrigerator.

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