La Siritide – 7/07/2022 – Sant’Arcangelo: many have already participated in the PREVASC study

In Sant’Arcangelo (Potenza), the second phase, after Montoro (Avellino), of the national study PREVASC (Prevalence of Cardiovascular Diseases) continues until Friday, which aims to examine the cardiovascular health status of Italians over 65 years of age, Through a survey of a sample of two thousand citizens in this age group. “This is a cross-sectional study, based on population, one of the largest that has ever been carried out in our country, which will be carried out in 10 municipalities in several Italian regions, selected by size and population, about 2-3 thousand inhabitants, in order to allow more effective societal prevention. Participants undergo free examinations for cardiology, ECG and echocardiography‘, he explains Alessandro BocanelliAnd the Vice President of SICGe – Italian Society of Cardiology for the elderly and study coordinator.

The stage, christened the “Heart of Saint Arcangelo”, is underway at the Saint Arcangelo Clinic, thanks to the commitment of the cardiologists of the San Carlo Regional Hospital in Potenza, who collaborate with SICGe and the Italian Alliance for Cardiovascular Rehabilitation and Prevention – ITACARE-P, promoters of the PREVASC study. , with support from Edwards Lifescience Italia, General Electric Healthcare, and Mortara.

Cardiovascular disease is an important health problem for the Western population, associated with high morbidity, high mortality and prohibitive health costs.»declares Giampaolo LuziDirector of Cardiac Surgery, San Carlo Hospital, Potenza. According to the data of the Higher Institute of Health (ISS), in fact, cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of death in our country, they are responsible for 44 percent of all deaths. In particular, ischemic heart disease is the leading cause of death from the disease in Italy, accounting for 28 percent of all deaths, while cerebrovascular disease ranks third with 13 percent after tumors. The ISS once again emphasizes how those who survive a heart attack become chronically ill; The disease alters the quality of life and has significant economic and social costs: in Italy, the prevalence rate of citizens with cardiovascular disabilities is 4.4 per thousand and about a quarter of national pharmaceutical expenditure is devoted to products of the cardiovascular system.

The prevalence of cardiovascular diseases increases significantly starting from the age of sixty; However, accurate data on its prevalence is scarce in Italy“, Lucy continues. “We are talking about ischemic diseases, such as acute myocardial infarction and angina pectoris, and the so-called structural diseases of the heart, such as diseases of the heart valves, including aortic stenosis and mitral insufficiency. If most citizens are known for heart attack and angina pectoris, the same cannot be said about valve diseasesAccording to data from the Cuore Italia Patients Association, valvular heart disease affects one million people in our country, about 10 percent of the population over 65, the most affected group, with an impact on health and an important quality of life, especially in older people, these Diseases are often serious and disabling.Moreover, these diseases are generally unknown and “neglected”: only 6.2 percent of Italians over the age of 60 worry about them, compared to 41.5 percent of cancers or 28.7 percent of Alzheimer’s, Although the more serious forms have a strongly negative prognosis, similar to that of many cancers.

“Municipal Administration”, jointly declared mayor of Saint Arcangelo, Salvatore la Grottasocial policy advisor Antonella PesciAnd the He expresses his relief at the arrival of the Prevasc study in his community, which comes at a certain historical moment, the post-Covid era, where regional medicine should be the starting point for a new health model in which the utility of research and the need for a new system of aid and prevention. We thank everyone who allowed this important initiative to be realized; We are convinced that, in a new time, public bodies and the third sector must be able to enhance experiences of joint planning and joint programming, and to advance the important humanity that the many volunteers who work for the growth of our communities represent. This example may be a harbinger of new intelligence and energies capable of meeting the concerns, needs and aspirations of citizens, as well as promoting citizenship rights.

“Prevention and early and timely intervention are the main means of avoiding the onset and consequences of cardiovascular disease,” Hon confirms. Vito de FilippoFormer Undersecretary of Health. Certainly, the data that will emerge at the end of the study will be useful for evaluation, at the national level, but also in individual communities such as the Sant’Arcangelo community, ways to promote healthier lifestyles, and clinical use to improve prognosis. Therapeutic procedures.

The PREVASC study will continue throughout 2022.

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