Logitech POP Keys: A really “crazy” mechanical keyboard (and there’s a mouse, too). review

There are professional keyboards with monotonous colors and series Weird, colorful and functional keyboards but also very crazy. Logitech has usually been part of the first category by proposing keyboards for some time with a pre-defined design that always speaks to the professional who looks more to functionality and usability than the aesthetic aspect. Instead, Logitech POP Keys is just the opposite This is a mechanical keyboard with a crazy look that looks solid for young people and those who want to “blow up” the office.

Logitech keyboard first and foremost Refers to the retro style of typewriters Suggest a mechanical operation from a PC, with bright colors and also with unprecedented customizations like emoji dedicated keys. The result is the same Logitech POP keys that don’t lack originality and personality Which you may like or dislike but certainly will not go unnoticed on the desks of those who choose it with three different colors, a combination of different shades.

Logitech POP Keys: The Making of a Com and How It Works?

C version Daydream Which has a mint color base and a purple outline. The switches are white with yellow and purple modifiers. C then Blast version: black with yellow and black borders and buttons, and gray with modifiers. then there heart broken which have red/coral pink shades.

At the level of defining know it Logitech POP switches are compact in size Basically, this means that it does not have the number pad which is combined directly into the first top row of keys. Moreover, Logitech strives to make the keyboard layout unique and distinct: Yes, because On the right, if the keyboard doesn’t expand with numbers, it does so with a row of keys defined by five emojis Monochrome allows you to instantly control the funny faces to be inserted into the texts. Not only because in addition to these five keys, there are also offers 4 more buttons to fully customize your layout.

In this case they Fully customizable keys With the usual functional Logitech software that allows you to make the keyboard pleasing to the eye as well as original but also functional. with Logie options + We can associate the lemoji that the key represents or even an additional command as well and above all depends on the software in use. We’ve already seen Logi + options work with other keyboards or even mice The company and it works here largely with the ability to customize additional keys in the best way.

And if the old aesthetic of Logitech POP switches seems simple and not too technical, know that it will be possible to take advantage of all that the current technology of Logitech keyboards has to offer. This means that I 12 FN . shortcut keys They will be able to provide what you really need at the time of their use. They can, for example Easily create screenshots With a simple button, you can Activate voice dictation Always write a key or back Mute the microphone Or more, always and anyway by pressing a button.

And there is no Logitech keyboard unless there is a possibility Hot “switch” from one device to another. In this case also with Logitech POP switches it will be possible to combine them Up to 3 devices The ability to simply toggle it using custom-created function keys. In this case, just connect to your PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone Via Bluetooth or Logi BOLT Receiverkeyboard and will operate according to the Easy Switch associated with this product. As always in this case too Using the keyboard will be practical for Windows, macOS, ChromeOS or even for Android, iOS and iPadOS. Operation is always perfect, functional and practically unable to lose the transition from one device to another.

Logitech POP switches are powered by two AAA batteries Which must be entered into a special compartment at the bottom of the keyboard. Something unusual for a Logitech keyboard? Not really because in this case the choice to use this type of power supply allows the user to be more free to manage the product Plus the consumption with batteries is very low because with The same AAA batteries, according to Logitech, can last 3 years.

Choosing instead of equipping the keyboard with the dongle in the package Logie Bolt Undoubtedly a positive option and we can only stress it. Yes, because although the keyboard isn’t exactly a professional product, so far we’ve only found it in “Pro” or “for Business” products. On the other hand, his presence here means only one thing: Logitech wants to give great importance to the technological transformation of the mini dongle in its products. Yes, because as we’ve already seen with previous products, the Logi Bolt is nothing more than the next step, technologically speaking, from the previous standardization. And in this case, the two technologies are not compatible with each other, which means that a keyboard made for unification will not be able to “communicate” with the Logi Bolt and vice versa. There are obviously some downsides to this choice especially for those who already own some previous Logitech products who would like to use a single dongle but on the other hand, the company obviously wants to provide its users with The best technology on the market, especially in terms of stability, lower latency and greater security (See Logi Bolt Encrypted Connection.)

The special shape of the keys Compared to the keyboards we are used to seeing today from Logitech and from other brands. Perhaps the reference to ancient typewriters is obvious But there’s also a possibility that Logitech has considered reviving the look of some keyboards in years past. The switch mechanism is touch / brown This thus allows us to have a more common and simple behavior of writing. It is probably the most appreciated by users and in fact In the test we found writing fun Typing may be less accurate than on premium keyboards due to the fact that the circular keys are not particularly large and the space between them is greater than that of a square keyboard. However, typing gives satisfaction thanks to the minimal curvature of the individual keys.

Unfortunately We will not be able to adjust the height of the keyboard But we can say that the position of the hands does not burden the slightly raised wrists compared to classic membrane keyboards. The full polycarbonate body makes it extremely tough And while there are a few small creaks every now and then, the Logitech POP switches are still well made, strong and also durable at least in these weeks of continuous use.

Logitech Mouse POP

In combination with the keyboard, Logitech also offers pop mouse This is an accessory made entirely of polycarbonate but suggested in the same colors as the keyboard. small size mouse Where we measured just 104.8 x 59.4 x 35.2 mm, with a Weight 82 grams.

It turned out perfectly Without side buttonswith a completely symmetrical design, suitable for, therefore, also for left-handed people and with Standby of 4 buttons. Going into the details, the mouse uses SilentTouch technology to reduce the clicking noise of the two main buttons. At the top stands a programmable key below SmartWheel: A technology that allows line-by-line movement of documents and fast scrolling of longer web pages. Wheel that integrates an additional key that is programmable via the Logi Options + app.

Logitech POP Mouse uses an optical sensor with speeds from 400 to 4000 dpi It is powered by a non-rechargeable AA battery, with Autonomy of up to 24 months. At the bottom we find the power control and the easy toggle button for quick connection to three different devices. There are two options for wireless communication (up to 10 meters) with the computer: Via Bluetooth 5.1 Low power or by connecting the small child to the computer Logi Bolt USB Receiver Not attached. The mouse is compatible with Windows 10 and 11, macOS 10.15 or later, Chrome OS 14, iPadOS 13.4 or later.

User can customize programmable mouse buttons Through the Logi Options + software downloadable from the Logitech website. The keyboard with mouse is also easy to use but offers a rich set of options. The functions of the keys can also be assigned differently for each individual program installed on the computer.

The program that also allows you to activate it Smooth scrolling of the SmartWheel; A function that makes scrolling of web pages smoother and slower, resulting in better text readability. We also report the presence of Flow function, which allows you to manage two computers at the same time, simply by moving the cursor over the edge of the screen; A feature that also allows you to copy and paste text, files, and images from one computer to another. Finally, let’s not forget about the option to adjust the mouse speed and the possibility to monitor the remaining battery life.


Generally Our opinion of Logitech POP Keys and Mouse was positiveGood build quality products, original design and with many user programmable keys. Logitech is trying to do something different in this case out of competition and succeeds very well. POP series actually allows you to enjoy a fun and lively keyboard and mouse, which encourages you to use Breaking the monotony we find instead with other brands Or even with the other Logitech series itself. They are clearly not professional products and are not suitable for everyone.

there Logitech POP keys Fast typing is allowed, without too many errors. A good travel key, completely quiet and clickless, with a rounded shape that requires a bit of custom and precision. High keyboard, also without a rest and tilt adjustable. Fast connection to three different devices and the great feature of Logi Options + which allows maximum customization with different programs.

Logitech PopKeys price 99.99 But you can find it on the Internet at a huge discount.

The Logitech Mouse POP Fast, accurate and comfortable mouse that does not get tired of the hand. Moreover, a compact and silent product. Perhaps a sin for the lack of side buttons and a wheel perhaps not among the fastest brands.POP Mouse from Logitech retails for 40.99 But this can also be purchased for some discount.

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