Lyme disease and ticks: what it is, its causes and symptoms

Lyme disease and ticks

there Lyme disease Also called Lyme disease Because it is caused by Treponema, which is transmitted to humans by ticks. However, we don’t always remember that we were bitten by a tick and you had redness and maybe after a while you could have some form of arthritis, which is a classic symptom of this disease, so you have to come back with memory and the reason is also in this key.

Lyme disease, how does it manifest?

Lyme disease It affects not only the joints and can have very diverse clinical manifestations. In general, it begins with chronic migratory erythema, that is, redness that moves, with a skin lesion that tends to expand. Equal immigrants are from arthralgia, that is joint pain. Likewise, there may also be influenza-like images, obviously associated with a localized infection.

After days or weeks, infection can occur Spread through the blood And it evokes very different images, including the heart. There may be myocarditis, conduction disturbances that always affect the heart with the appearance of arrhythmias, nerve injury. At some point it is resolved.

However, there may also be very long latency stages after which the disease can recur. In these cases, we suffer from chronic or intermittent arthritis, skin and nervous system problems. This picture is very rare, because with the correct diagnosis it can be obtained Optimal therapeutic responses.

Ticks are parasites of animals from which they suck the blood they need for food. The man also can be a victim. Some types of ticks can transmit diseases with their saliva, among them Lyme disease.

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