Omicron Alarm, the new emergency room and hospital emergency: ‘Wings are closed’

The infection She is 100 times more than a year ago, I hospitalization four times more. In the last 24 hours there were 107,240 cases with 94 victims, and the positivity rate is over 28%. Hospitalization and injury In Italy, it exceeded 1,000 cases per 100,000 inhabitants. These are just some of the numbers from the latest wave of Covid linked to the sub-variable Omicron 5.

Numbers are especially important for one reason: Hospitals and emergency rooms They return to satiation and in trouble, even if patients are often taken to hospital for reasons not related to Covid. The problem, however, is that I Administrations are prohibited Because the positives must be isolated.

To sound the alarm on Italian first aid Agenas: “They are explodingThe message is very clear. The situation is alarming throughout Italy, not just in some regions. past data Weekly monitoring of the control room The Higher Institute of Health – Ministry of Health Not Raha: Let’s see what they say and what is the situation in the wards.

Incidence exceeded 1000, hospitalization increased

Control room monitoring shows how The infection reached 1071 cases Every 100,000 inhabitants: Just a week ago it stopped at 763. Rt . Hotel It is well above the alert limit at 1.40. family work in intensive care: in seven days it rises from 2.6% to 3.5%.

The increase is more noticeable for me Admission to the Covid Medical District: rose from 10.3% a week ago to 13.3% today. No area is classified as low risk, while 12 areas are at medium risk and nine are considered high risk.

The alarm of races on first aid

The launch of Enrico Coscioni, President of the National Agency for Regional Health Services Alarm on the situation of first aid in ItalyStressing that it is exploding and that the situation is critical in different regions of the country. In the past 24 hours, occupied seats in the Covid medical district have increased by one percentage point, while the condensed percentage is just under 4%: for the year they were both 2%.

races call She was apparently welcomed by the Ministry of Health, which, through a circular, urged the regions to increase the number of beds, both in the medical field and in intensive care, for Covid wards.

With Omicron 5 alarm upon acceptance

In the coming days, the limit of 10 thousand admissions of people infected with the Covid virus in Italian hospitals and fears of an increase in the summer could be exceeded. The problem is not only about Covid, but also about the risk of infection Stop other treatments due to overcrowding in hospitals.

Also because it should not be forgotten High number of injured already caused in Partial blocking of some services With many infected people in hospital who then have to stay in isolation because they are positive: this is what many experts define as a De facto closure.

The problem is not that many serious patients think about it Half of the patients are in the hospital He only tested positive for Covid after arriving at the hospital, and was not known before the infection. In any case, these patients must be isolated and for this reason You risk banning sections Not being able to exploit it 100%. According to Fiaso data currently The number of COVID-19 admissions is also on the rise: They are 52% versus 48% hospitalized with Covid.

Extending the fourth dose of the vaccine for more than 60 years

To deal with New wave of Omicron Meanwhile, the government is studying Extend the fourth dose of the vaccine also for everyone more than 60. The Ministry of Health is considering this hypothesis after the increase in infections. We remind you that the second booster dose is expected today only for those over 80 and for immunosuppressed people over 60. So the government can follow the EMA’s proposal asking to move forward with a new administration for all those over their 60s.

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