Panasonic TV 2022: Heatsink for the entire OLED range. In Italian stores from September

Panasonic held a presentation in Italy of the new range of TVs for 2022, which, in relation to the OLED segment, will arrive in our stores in September. It was an opportunity not only to watch it live for the first time, but also to dig into some details after the international preview of the past months. Panasonic has actually clarified the features of all models and the most important news this year is almost that Not all new 2022 OLED TVs will have only the new LG Display OLED EX panelsthat is, with duo-rich materials to increase the stability and efficiency of the board, But they will also go up the heat sinkthe first exclusive to the top of the group series.

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The technology and materials used for heatsinks will not be the same across all models. The LZ2000 and LZ1500 series, dubbed the Master OLED Pro, will be the ones pushing the new panel further, with peak brightness of 1,000 cd/m2, but The Master OLED LZ1000 series will also be equipped with a heatsink (900 cd/m² of peak brightness) And up to the entry level LZ980 (800 cd/m² of peak brightness), at least up to 48″. Except for models with a 42″ screen only.

The new LZ1500 (right) and LZ980 (left).

So the main difference between the different series lies in the different quality range of the board (although it was chosen strictly by Panasonic) and the heatsink.

The new LZ2000.

All new models support HDR Dolby Vision IQ and HDR10 + Adaptive formats, are equipped with an improved and faster HCX Pro AI processor, offer Filmmaker and Netflix Calibrated Mode, a new game control panel (which is actually an app) and Dolby Atmos sound. There is also the RGB ambient light sensor, which in addition to adjusting the contrast according to the light in the room, – if you want of course – also adjusts the color temperature based on the lighting.

An additional element is given to differentiate the different chains, as well as a pedestal (The rest of the TV design hasn’t changed from last year’s models and even from series to series), from the audio sector, which changes significantly with higher range. For the first time this year, Panasonic changed the acoustic design of the main speaker, Now with a closed state with posterior reflex agreement, in order to offer more full-bodied mids and depressions. These new speakers will be on display starting with the LX800 and LX940 LCD series and across the entire OLED range. The LZ1500 and LZ2000 series will also be equipped with a dedicated amplifier, enhanced by 2 passive radiators.

The rear of the new LZ2000 with side and top view diffusers.

While Panasonic acknowledges that the top-of-the-line OLED x2000 series has traditionally been chosen by enthusiasts for video performance over audio, the new LZ2000 is equipped with a more sophisticated audio system, with The front tweeter has been completely replaced by a real sound projector consisting of a group of 18 speakers with a beamforming function. By default, the audio projector is in Dolby Atmos, to take advantage of the reflections on the walls of the room to surround the listener.

The new 42-inch LZ980.

However, there are other methods that allow this For example to adjust the volume differently between different users in the same room Or for example to exclude sound from an area of ​​the room, for example near a door that leads to an adjacent room. Editing is done through an intuitive graphic interface and from what we can hear during the presentation, the system is really efficient.

There is no particular news on the front of the Smart TV platform. Finally, Disney + and Apple TV + are available And on the remote, which is beautifully large and with a master layout today among the most complete, there is now also a hotkey for the Disney streaming service. The menus are always the same, and the My Home Screen 7 platform is always based on the system that Mozilla developed years ago, and in fact it’s debuting this year as it’s become all the rage Game control panel that provides information on VRR modeHDR, Tone Mapping, Image presets, Input lag and Low light adjustment. Speaking of games, Panasonic promises an input lag of less than 10ms, instant VRR and also Dolby Vision signals are supported, with a maximum frequency in this case of 60Hz.Moreover, only the two input limit remains. HDMI enabled for HDMI 2.1 accessories.

As for availability and pricing, we’ll have to wait for stores to arrive in September. The only indication we’ve received is that prices for new OLEDs will be in line with last year’s prices and that The new 77-inch LZ2000 will be put under €5,000.

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