Sold over 250,000 units in Japan, far more than Xbox One –

Xbox Series X and S. they sold More than 250,000 units in Japan. More precisely, the two consoles sold a total of 260,504 (Famitsu data). These are excellent numbers, especially when compared to the numbers the Xbox One has made in its entire lifecycle. Microsoft’s older generation console managed to sell a total of 114,000 units, which is a pittance compared to what the Xbox 360 did a few years ago.

Of course, the Xbox series is not at the level of home consoles, the Nintendo Switch in particular, but these numbers are still excellent if we look at them in perspective, if we take into account the objective difficulty that a Western company like Microsoft has in convincing users. Japanese to buy their products.

The essence is also interesting sales balance Of the two consoles, the Xbox Series S performs slightly better than the Xbox Series X, but only slightly (136,000 versus 123,000).

Finally, it is also worth noting that the Xbox One has also been beaten up by the individual editions of the Xbox Series. We’ll see if this increased Japanese public interest translates into Microsoft’s increased focus on eastern games.

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