Terminator Survival Project announced with trailer from Nacon Studio Milan – Nerd4.life

Nacon Connect 2022 ended with a surprise Trailer teaser who revealed Terminator Survival Project (non-final title), the survival game for PC and console is in development at Nacon Studio Milan.

The footage itself does not provide any details of the address, only shows a menacing person walking into a garage to fix his target.

For now, all we know is that Terminator Survival Project will arrive on PC and console and that it is in development at Nacon Studio Milan, a new Italian label introduced in May that includes RaceWard Studio, our racing game team, as well as others. It will aim to diversify the production of the French company.

We already knew that one of the projects in the pipeline was a survival based on a popular cinematic license and now we have confirmation that it’s exactly Project Terminator, as revealed in the past by a series of leaked images.

Nacon Studio Milan will work in two areas of expertise: racing game development by RaceWard Studio and development of action/adventure titles, which it entrusts to a second team, without denying itself the opportunity to explore other genres, just like Survival.

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