The eighth major update introduces the poet –

Larian Studios has announced the contents of the fileEighth major update From Baldur Gate 3which will present a class among other things Poet. The patch will be available this evening, so you won’t have to wait long. As you may know, the new Baldur’s Gate is available in Early Access on Steam and Stadia.

People arrive at Baldur Gate 3

The announcement of the eighth update came on the occasion of an episode of Hell, a series of events organized by Larian Studios to provide updates. The evening was particularly enriching, thanks to a live performance by Hunter, the Belgian metal band, to David Walgrave, Larian’s head of production.

The focus of it all was obviously the game and upcoming innovations, including the aforementioned poet class, gnome racing, revamping the tempo of battles and much more. The full release note of the new patch will be available on Steam after launch.

Music means coexistence

Music means coexistence

The poet class is the typical support class that fights using melodies. It is divided into two subcategories: College of Valor, which focuses on combat, and College of Lore, which focuses on magic.

Among the novelties, there is also a change in the combat system: now small enemies (such as orcs or animals) are grouped and attack all together. This way the bigger fights become more graceful.

Also introduced a killcam to emphasize critical hits, improve character hair display and more.

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