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What did my nephew want for 16 years? Obvious: an enduro bike! After upgrading at school, Filippo got his all-new Fantic Motot XEF 125 competition and made it a great trap…Here’s how it went

July 8, 2022

c.On promotion in school I decided to do A very nice surprise for my 16 year old nephew Filippo. Philo at school got away with it – surely he could have done a little better… – but the promotion came without problems.
This summer he will have to study, as we all did when we were teenagers. but there It would also be a good time to learn how to ride a motorcycle! Unlike Facebook and WhatsApp.
Better if you are away from Despite the dangers of asphalt. Between the paths and forests, to get acquainted with the mud and, who knows, to make the first crossing. The choice could be more convenient. I fell on Fantic, the same house I started when I was 14 (You can see it on the cover of the video: The 50th Experiment I received from my father, by the way, Nuno Elio Di Filippo.) In short, you understand, Perfetti household stuff.

Trimmed details for 125 Fantic. Aluminum swingarm, with variable section

However, Filippo’s father was categorical: Ok 125 to start and have fun, but 4 times. We understand choice.
the performance It’s fun, and the purchase and management costs are borne by the parents. It works at more than 30 km/l and the power (15 hp by law) allows you to start riding the bike by starting From scratch easily and without fear.
Fantic Motot XEF 125 competition Everything is Italian. It was built in Bologna, ha Minarelli electronic injection engine with variable valve timing Valves (the only engine in the Panorama 125). Steel frame, long travel suspension, swingarm aluminum variable sectionThe 21- and 18-inch alloy wheels complete an impressive technical picture.
I show you in the video my first bike with me for 30 years. and then Surprisingly unveiling Fantic Motot XEF 125 competition for Filippo, which remains motionless, motionless. What a shock! Then half of the bike Filippo would be riding, who obviously has no motorcycle clothes (otherwise what kind of surprise would that have been?).
But it doesn’t end there! In the next episode I will teach Filippo how to ride a real motorcycle.
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