Vitamin D: Too Much Can Be Dangerous

A new study shows how vitamin D supplementation can be dangerous to health. Cases of ‘hypervitaminosis D’ are increasing and the BMJ has also launched a resumption.

In a new press release from British Medical Journal Study originally published in BMJ Case Reportswhich is denoted as a dose very high of Vitamin D maybe you can be full of dangers.

there Vitamin D. It is actually good for the body, but that doesn’t mean you have to abuse it. The Vitamins D They are essential for many biological functions and are found naturally in various foods.

However, all too often, and especially nowadays, many choose to take the supplement, many times without getting enough information, let alone consulting a doctor.

But incorporating subjects without any basic knowledge should be avoided, and the new study is a clear example of this.

Vitamin D: Be careful with your intake!

Vitamin D: Too Much Can Be Dangerous

You may end up in hospital If the intake levels Vitamin D It should go up too much. There are examples of so-called “Hypervitaminosis D‘, an increasingly prevalent condition given how popular it is Supplements.

The study also refers to the case of a middle-aged man who started pretending symptoms Such as nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, ringing in the ears and dry mouth. In addition, he almost lost weight 12.7 kg Become the man you should be in the hospitalafter the well 3 months who showed a group symptoms Not understanding the deep reason.

Physical problems that arose when the man started about a month ago Take vitamin supplements. From the BMJ, it has been decided how to hire the man in question the most 20 Over-the-Counter Supplements Every day including those containing Vitamin Dequals supplement 50,000 mg daily.

But the BMJ shows how the daily requirement is actually “just” 600 mg. So he was sick in the hospital For eight days, he was treated with a procedure detoxification.

Leave hospitalization, no matter how lowered levels Vitamin D However, they remained very high. So the researchers concluded that there is now a problem with overdoses Vitamin D Vitamin Warning:

Globally, there is a growing trend towards hypervitaminosis D, a clinical condition characterized by elevated levels of vitamin D3 in the blood.

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