Why does my stomach hurt when it is hot?

low pressureAnd the exhaustion And not only. With the onset of summer, it was Stomach or intestinal problems. Lack of appetite, diarrhea, dehydration and indigestion are common to many. For this, with the arrival of hotIt is important that your habits and lifestyle adapt to the new temperatures, to allow our body to adapt, especially if you suffer from Digestive disorders.

We talked about it with Dr. Mariana FranceGastroenterology in clinic Humanitas Medical Care of Monza.

How does heat affect stomach pain?

Temperature changes represent a real stress on our bodies, which leads to a decrease in immune defenses and an alternation in the balance of the bacterial flora.

That is why, when it is hot, we should try to change our habits and diet. If we continue to eat like during the winter, our digestive system can suffer from diseases such as slow digestionAnd the feeling heavyAnd the nauseaAnd the acidityAnd the Stomach ache And the stomachache.

In addition, when it is hot, we must pay more attention to food preservation, so as not to put ourselves at risk of food poisoning.

How do I know if stomach pain is caused by heat?

Digestive disorders caused by heat They appear mainly after meals, gradually, are of mild to moderate severity and are not accompanied by fever or vomiting, unless they are related to the quality of what has been eaten..

It is very common in patients already suffering from certain diseases such as reflux disease, dyspeptic syndromes, and irritable bowel syndrome, but it can also occur in those who do not usually have gastrointestinal symptoms.

Can air conditioning cause more stomach problems?

Changes in temperature (from cold to hot or vice versa) are very harmful, especially for those who suffer from them IBSbecause it can cause Stomach ache And the dysentery; While the people who accuse Disorders related to gastroesophageal reflux diseasewith respiratory symptoms such as hoarseness and sore throat, may worsen their usual condition.

How can get rid of stomach pain?

Treatments for stomach pain depend on the causes that led to its appearance. To relieve the disorder, it may be helpful to avoid consuming certain foods and to eat certain foods pharmaceutical (on medical advice), such as antacids (against combustion), kinetics (Able to promote gastric emptying), Antibiotics And the sedatives.

Is it possible to prevent stomach pain in summer?

Upset stomach can occur in hot weather. However, there are some tips that can help, such as:

Avoid fried foodsBecause the oil is thirsty and difficult to digest, it causes swelling, discomfort and heat intolerance;

Avoid eating unwashed foodto avoid food poisoning, especially when you are on vacation and do not know the source of the food you are eating;

Keep food coldBecause high temperature can cause food to spoil and allow bacteria to multiply quickly;

drink more To hydrate the body, regulate body temperature and dissipate excess heat;

Eat less and prefer lighter dishes;

Don’t overdo the exercise;

Avoid drinks that are high in sugar.

When is it necessary to consult a specialist?

It is good to consult a doctor If the abdominal pain is very severeif accompanied by prolonged vomiting And when still though The food precautions and theTake common pain relievers or antacids.

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