With a dance, Vito Coppola leaves the Mille Carlucci program for a new adventure: that’s it

Absence Important for Dancing with the Stars. Vito Cobola, who won with Arisa in the last version will not be the champion of the next season of the program. From the rumors reported by Bubinoblog, in fact, it seems that the dancer decided to leave Milly Carlucci’s team of professionals. But one of the reasons is the lack of any friction with the hostess. Vito will be shown the English version of Dancing with the Stars, Strictly Come Dancing. So, he will fly to England on a new adventure.

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Coppola couldn’t have said no to this great opportunity. Fortunately, it seems that Rai, with whom he has good relations, gave him the green light without grudge.

Therefore, the program Dancing with the Stars 2022, which will start on Saturday, October 8 and for 11 episodes, will have to do without the Eboli dancer.

In Ballando 2021, the dancer took first place with singer Arisa, with whom she also generated an emotional bond. In fact, at the end of the program, the two continued to meet, unleashing gossip.

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