Zaniolo at Juventus, Bianconeri conditions: Arthur to negotiate or skip the deal. Di Maria in Turin

Zaniolo and the Juventus They love each other, but the Bianconeri are not crazy ready to take him to Turin. exactly the contrary. Director Cherubini does not move from the show already presented to Rome: Brazilian midfielder Arthur In the Giallorossi, its balance is between 20 and 25 million euros. In Turin, and that is the reason for this package, they are not ready to spend 50 million euros on a 23-year-old footballer who has already undergone two major knee operations.

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Roma market passes by Zaniolo

Now it is Rome that you must choose. Also because it is Giallorossi himself that pays more to sell than the Bianconeri to buy. Selling Zaniolo means starting operations to satisfy Mourinho. Juventus have recognized this madness and for this reason they maintain their position convinced, in the end, that they can support Zaniolo in Church, Vlahovic, Pogba And the Maria without fainting

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Di Maria in Turin

while Angel Di Maria I landed in Turin on Thursday, shortly after 10:30 p.m., on a private jet from Paris. The first step has been taken in his new adventure at Juventus: on Friday morning the Argentine will experience his first day in black and white. He will spend his first night in Turin at J Medical to be ready early in the morning. The day will start with the traditional appointment for medical examinations, followed by the signing of the annual contract. VIDEO will get 7 million euros a year: He and Pogba, who will arrive on Friday and will do the medical on Saturday, are Allegri’s first two requests to return to winning early next season.

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