10 epic video games are dead in their infancy

Super Mario Bros. And Metal Gear Solid, FIFA, The Legend of Zelda, GranTurismo… a legendary series representing the history of video games that has accompanied us for decades with always new chapters. Fabulous. You got your mouth watering, right?

Here, in this article you will not find any of this. Yes, because today we want to talk to you about it 10 epic video games are dead in their infancyOne of those ideas that seemed destined to be something more and weren’t.

The epic stories might have potential, but they could include in their curriculum only one episode before anywhere, which we’ve rounded up in this list of early deaths.

Dante’s Inferno

The fact that Dante’s Inferno stopped at the first anthem is really a shame

Let’s start with a title that took us straight to the afterlife that nonetheless remains in the afterlife: Dante’s Inferno. The adventure inspired by the first Anthem of the Divine Comedy, developed by Visceral Games, continues to this day.Only the earthly raid of the crusader Dante, bent on wresting the beautiful Beatrice from the clutches of Lucifer.

A mortal sin, yes because the title was anything but evil, with exciting puzzle sections and a combat system that seemed too much, perhaps too much, to God of War.

Given the architecture of the literary masterpiece in the 14th century, it was also legitimate to anticipate Dante and Paradiso Purgatory, but Electronic Arts did not continue on this divine path. Or rather: according to some rumors a Alleged sequel It was really in the works, but got canceled in 2016. Well, to hell with it.

very human

Human pregnancy lasted for a long time

Human pregnancy lasted for a long time

“It’s going to be released on Playstation. No no no, we mean GameCube. Sorry, we have other ideas: let’s do it on Xbox 360, go.”

The developers of Too Human probably won’t win an Academy Award for the clearest idea, but the ups and downs the RPG faced in 2008 helped make it more unique than rare. Silicon Knights’ work was supposed to see the light of day In the late ninetiesbut got stuck in a whirlwind of delays and setbacks that forced it into the hole for a decade before coming out on Microsoft’s console.

It was initially conceived as the ancestor of A TripleHowever, Too Human did not turn out to be a video game prodigy, and yet in 2011 the Canadian software house announced the development of the second part. Is everyone happy? not like that. after contact with Epic Games To use the Unreal Engine 3, Silicon Knights actually had to stop production and shut down its doors.


WET might have been the game we needed but it turned out to be what we didn't deserve

WET might have been the game we needed but it turned out to be what we didn’t deserve

Frustrating in gameplay, repetitive in situations to confront and prolonged as a joke. Impossible to game with these Disadvantages It can warrant a supplement, she says. And you are wrong, because after the boredom of those few users who had the audacity to buy it, Wit was really a supplement to it.

The stunt shooter In 2009, he had the audacity to mix Max Payne and Quentin Tarantino in one cauldron, which is too bad because the whirlwind of gunfire and shooting situations he was full of didn’t do anything fundamental.

It’s all forgivable flaws obviously for Bethesda: the sequel seems to have been developed already a year after the first chapter was released, just to be wise I stopped Before it’s too late. Thus Witt currently remains the first and only path of revenge undertaken by protagonist Ruby. Sorry, but we can’t add “unfortunately”.

Ranking: 1886

From a title we would gladly do without, to a title worthy of a sequel and how. Ranking: 1886 was the international assembly of Half-used good ideasIt was completed in a few hours and offered fairly meager gameplay, but combined with a certain payoff, great atmosphere, graphic details to scream and some werewolves here and there it never hurts.

the team ready at dawn, having cut his teeth with God of War for PSP, then hit the target with a more yes than a no, a result that proved to be enough to earn the title a good segment of fans. So, the developers were on the launch pad for a sequel, in fact, for the series In fact, it’s a pity that Sony has always been deafening in this regard.

the thing

The Thing was a title full of twists but with good ideas

The Thing was a title full of twists but with good ideas

Twenty years after the masterpiece before John Carpenter In 1982, Computer Artworks decided it was time to accept the request that no one had made: to reveal the events immediately following those told in “The Thing.”

The title released for PC, Xbox, and Playstation 2 then took us back to the ice of Antarctica to illuminate the Batatrac that is told in the movie, and it did so in a rather dignified manner, alternating the good things with many other less successful ones. Put it moderately. Poor control system and poor longevity ended up frustrating them Interesting ideas Although the software house said it was ready to start a new episode to continue the saga.

But there is between saying and doingcontrolled managementA measure that the studio found in 2003 and prevented its development from being completed.

Mass Effect: Andromeda

Mass Effect: Andromeda's face animation has become the laughing stock of the web

Mass Effect: Andromeda’s face animation has become the laughing stock of the web

Come, widows of Commander Shepherd: let us embrace and weep, holding hands. With Andromeda, these BioWare attackers deprived us of our macho hero, the ultimate savior of the galaxy by moving the action elsewhere, but without achieving the same results as original trilogy by Mass Effect.

Although it has respectable advantages from a combat point of view and above all content, this sideshow wasn’t able to warm the hearts of the purists, especially thanks to some forgettable side quests and Personalities Enjoy the attractiveness of the rack. A project with a turbulent pregnancy, it was renewed several times and could not translate into overwhelming success like its three older brothers.

A potential epic that could follow in the footsteps of the main story, at least in terms of serial structurebut in fact still sitting on the bench waiting for a second chance.

Trap night

Night Trap really caused quite a stir in the audience

Night Trap really caused quite a stir in the audience

There are many titles that can boast the “make a fuss” medal in the world of video games, but few can boast Hubbub Unleashed by Night Trap.

At the dawn of the 1990s, products offering a different type of video game entertainment began to appear in the market; These games feature almost exclusively movies with real actors that place a heavy emphasis on narrative at the expense of action. A big change in the amusement that was still considered a game, which attracted the attention United States Congress.

Yes, because Night Trap was a horror teenager whose style made things real at the time, a factor that worried parents and contributed to the creation ofESRBThe US body responsible for classifying video games based on content.

SEGA pulled the title from the market but the developers didn’t give up, releasing the title after a few years Kickstarter campaign With the goal of raising money for a sequel…but that never saw the light of day.


The state of the prey is really intriguing

The state of the prey is really intriguing

Bree is one of those cases that will have a sequel too, only Bethesda decided to categorize it as Reboot And you’ll be fine.

In fact, the story of the 2017 title doesn’t quite match that of the first-person shooter released eleven years ago, an element that would have easily allowed us to put a “2” after the name, to be honest. But no because even though it was announced in 2011, the official sequel to Prey ended up Deleted Three years later, it was replaced by the restart introduced at E3 2016.

we are facing borderline And at least curious, we admit: There are two preys but no chains. However, this is more than enough to secure the brand’s place on our list.

Mighty Number 9

Mighty No.  9 As A Shameless Clone Of Mega Man

Mighty No. 9 As A Shameless Clone Of Mega Man

Number 9 mighty might just give way to those me me that populate the web and depict “expectations versus reality” situations.

The Expectations They pointed out the possibility of a new Mega Man among us, with all the features in the right place, from the atmosphere to the gameplay; there reality Unfortunately, he slammed his nose against a work that has been undermined by numerous twists and cuts by critics especially for its unforgivable graphics sector.

However, the buildings were far from unhappy: it is true that the development of the Kickstarter campaign in the stratosphere was somewhat delayed, but before the release Keiji Inafoni declared his confidence in future success From his creation, indicating the birth of a chain.

String that, like Dodger Pamela Prati’s husbandSo far, however, no one has seen him yet. Too bad, it was interesting to know more. The pair, not the series.

Days gone by

The commercial results of Days Gone have been excellent but not enough to warrant a supplement

The commercial results of Days Gone have been excellent but not enough to warrant a supplement

and the belief that Bend Studio’s experience with serial formulas should sell; A skill gained thanks to the Siphon Filter saga when the American software house was known as idetic.

Unfortunately, Days Gone didn’t have the same fortune as Gabe Logan’s adventures, for a while Special defects This is partly because Sony has sharply discontinued the possibility of the series continuing.

In fact, the development team appears to have suggested to the Japanese house the idea of ​​a sequel, a possibility that was overlooked due to – apparently – conflicting judgments Received from 2019 Action Survival at the time of release.

Although Days Gone sales were more than good in a nutshell, voices Critics have not kept their promises. A cleaver prevented Deacon Saint John’s adventure from having an heir.

What do you think that? What other remarkable cases of epics are dead in their buds? Write them down in the comments below.

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