1949 cup found: ‘returned it to Como’


To show us, in his lake house, is Beppe Pisani, a well-known and city-centric figure, businessman and cheerleader.

The issue of sold Como cups, which disappeared from headquarters in the period of three bankruptcies, was already a topic of literature. Now one comes: What a cup! It is the promotion to Class A in 1948-49, the first in the Italian team’s first division. To show us, in his lake house, is Beppe Pisani, a well-known and city-centric figure, businessman and cheerleader, journalist for The Order and the Giornale, former radio commentator from 1974 to 1982 in his book Radio Lario.

Pisani retrieved it in an antiques store: ‘It was several years ago. I went to this shop, being a passion and collector of bronze works, and my eyes fell upon this trophy. I thought of a clone but it was real. What was he doing there? The fact is that I bought it, among other things, for a few euros, and took it home. I wanted to give it to Cuomo right away, but they were years so young, I didn’t see a possibility. Think if you had given her before the recent failures.. what happened to her? ». Instead now… “I’m not following seriously, but I seem to understand that now serious people with a long perspective have arrived. Now might be the time. Although the loan agreement would be better: if the ownership changes, the cup returns. Put another Preziosi… ”He smiled bitterly.

Pisani was the pioneer of radio commentary: “Adventures that now seem out of another world. We couldn’t stand in the stands, we had to invent stands, angles and crevices. Often on the balconies of buildings. Even in Como we did radio commentary from a balcony above the stadium. I remember many trips, had a good relationship with the managers, we often traveled together. And then I was friends with many players, Corente, Fontolan, Vicky … ».

Pisani stopped going to the stadium after Heysel: “I was there for order and lived all those dramatic moments. My passion is gone. Even if the final episode goes back to the Intercontinental Cup in Tokyo: I was a friend of Petega and was on the field as a photographer and there is a picture after the last penalty kick in which I run towards the players cuddling each other but slipping on the wet court. A classic Mai dire Gol scene you see on YouTube and my kids are still laughing about it.”

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