Alfa Romeo CEO confirms: Giulia made electric. Here’s what we know

During the test event for the first Tonale, we already had many confirmations about An all-electric future from Alfa Romeo, albeit with few details. Today, however, we discover something more, specifically through the mouth Learn Jean-Philippe.

Alfa Romeo CEO, interviewed AutoExpressspeak frankly about Julia And the future of the iconic model of the brand. According to Imparato, the brand will have to focus a lot on SUVs, given the Chinese and American markets, but it does not intend to lose the look of the sedan.

Alfa Romeo Giulia electric, lots of batteries and light

As Number One from Arese made it clear that Julia’s future will be electrified, Most likely electricgiven that, at least in Europe, combustion engines will not be part of a group Stylantis group. For the first time, we also have some peeks at the possible specs. Giulia will make full use of the spacious floor, as it accommodates a battery Between 101 and 118 kWhwhich can translate to an autonomy of up to 800 km.

Learn also talk about one fast charging Very high values, in time only 20 minutes. He did not talk about details in this case, but such fast charging, with such large batteries, can only be achieved by 800 voltsIt is therefore entirely reasonable that Julia would switch to this technology.

At the same time, the car will have to maintain performance in keeping with its history, which is why Imparato would like its engineers I worked a lot on weight. “Even with a very heavy battery, I would like to convey an idea of ​​lightness‘ These were his words.

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