Another guide for the new game after Elden Ring –

It just looks like the next game FromSoftware It supposed to be armored corewith another evidence that seems to add to the chain of evidence and indications of the return of the famous science fiction series about combat mechanisms, and from which it comes this time Official Website from the team.

As also reported by PCGamesN, it appears that FromSoftware’s official website, based on Google parameters, is directly linked to Armored Core, as indicated by the search engine by searching for the team’s official website.

Armored core: Judgment Day, photo

This may indicate a global update of FromSoftware’s public page which may soon be entirely geared towards Armored Core, as is often the case with the release of new games.

The material is always the same, so this translation of the new game is not yet visible, also because this is not official yet announcebut Cataloging, if nothing else, appears to be heading towards the Armored Core.

On the other hand, there are now many clues pointing in this direction: the game has already appeared in a survey distributed to players, while real images, although somewhat confusing, have already appeared on the Internet in recent months. The same Hidetaka Miyazaki He did not hide his desire to restore the historical series of the team, and it is possible that with this, they also intend to break away a little from the ground, after the great success of Elden Ring.

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