Can you find the message? This weird optical illusion is testing your eyesight!

There are many optical illusions that test one’s eyesight, but perhaps it is precisely these illusions To be in such an excessive number. This picture is very simple to understand, and if you are trained, it is also very accurate.

Just find the letter “T” in this sea of ​​identical geometric shapes. The puzzle has been running on TikTok for a long time. Such as “Magic Phil”, a children’s TV and TikToker group from Dubai, It only took twenty seconds to solve the puzzle.

You can imagine that under the video a flock of users quickly spread out, praising the insignificance of this delusion or those who share their result. Looks like many have managed to find the “T” 20 seconds ago, then Multiplying the conductor record.

My God, I finally found it after watching the video 5 times‘, writes user @ brand ; while there are those, on the other hand, who should assert their superiority:It took 5 seconds for meTikToker boasted @anna_Banana101010.

Still struggling with the puzzle? Maybe this guide from user TikToker @7352484388613 will help: “It’s upside down blueIf you can’t (and we wonder how that’s possible), then open your eyes to the center of the puzzle and you might find it.

Did you enjoy this quick and painless optical illusion? If you’re still in the mood for visual puzzles, how about checking out the tiger hidden in this picture?

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