Complaining recently on social media

Surely most of them have heard of it Federico Laurieknown as Federico Fashion Style. It comes from the hairdresser whose inhabitants were abandoned at this time in Italy, and that Several salons opened in the most important cities of the country. His activity has recently been in the center of the news, because the newspapers reported the prices of haircuts that are done in Federico Fashion Style salons.

People were surprised when they finally found out Prices to go to Federico Lauri for a nice haircut They are not fashionable very forbidden. The hairstylist has also styled many celebrities and his fame has grown a lot in a short time. But in these hours, new completely negative news has arrived about him, which may affect Hairstylist’s reputation. Let’s see what happened.

Strong criticism from the client

According to what was reported by the national newspapers at these hours, A customer complained about the treatment she received Inside one of Federico Lauri’s salons that recently also opened in other Italian cities. In the salons of Federico Fashion Style, it costs a haircut that Laurie himself did 48 EURAnd it drops to 35 if one of his assistants implements it.

Folding can cost on average about 25 euros, while it can cost Colors and accents, prices range from 55 to 230 euros. One client then decided to go to one of Federico Fashion Style’s salons to get her hair done, except that her experience didn’t seem to be positive. “It burned me and my hair fell out in two hours” – This is the customer’s accusation.

a’A very serious accusation, to which the hairdresser himself will surely reply soon. We obviously don’t know if the cut was made by Federico himself or by one of his assistants. We’ll see how this story that shook, not so little, the same fans of Federico Laurie will end.

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