Development simplified thanks to the launch of Intergrade on PS5 –

Yoshinori Kitase Executive Producer of Final fantasy 7 rebirthI talked about how to develop it Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergraded for PS5 Make new game development easier. Basically, the experience gained by the development team helped a lot.

Ketas He expressed himself in an interview with the Japanese newspaper Dengeki, revealing to her:

It’s a fact that the development of Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade after Final Fantasy VII Remake has had an impact.

Thanks to the move to the PS5 environment, the development of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth has become much smoother.

As I mentioned in my development update, the production speed is really unbelievable for a title of this size.

After creating Final Fantasy VII Remake, we spent about a year developing the PC version and Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade, and then we started working on Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, so the development period is currently less than three years.

Naturally, the experiment made will help the development of the new title, which in any case will consume many Remake resources, as confirmed by this Tetsuya Nomura, who talked about 3D models of identical characters, except for Yuffie Kisaragi. After all, it’s only natural that sequels use something that has already been done with previous titles. If they had to always start from scratch, the games would never come out, given the time it takes now to develop them.

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