Exclusivity compared to the first two years of Sony’s console life

Summarizing the illustration created by Twitter user MisterPixel The first two years PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4Which of the two Sony consoles offered the best exclusives early in their lifecycle?

Taking a quick look at the image we showed at the bottom, we can see how, according to the average rating for each of the exclusives considered, PlayStation 5 is the undisputed winner in this interesting comparison.

PlayStation 4 certainly provided a rich lineup led by blood borneDriveclub , Order 1886Killzone Shadow Fall , Knack , The notorious second son, until dawn and more. Reviews about these titles were generally positive, but no peaks of excellence were reached, with the exception of FromSoftware’s Lovecraftian masterpiece.

On the other hand, we can see how titles of absolute thickness have already reached PlayStation 5 like backAnd the Apart from Ratchet & Clank RiftAnd the New edition of the souls of the devil (which also holds the highest average score, preceding Bloodborne), Horizon Forbidden West, e Marvel’s Spider-Man Mile Morales. All this, not to mention the upcoming arrivals Our last part 1 And God of War Ragnarok, whose release date we finally know.

Although hampered by the chip crisis, In short, PlayStation 5 is off to a great start its life cycle by providing Sony users with a huge amount of must-watch titles.

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