Here’s the food that was busted in a few weeks

The health of citizens is at risk with tons of untraceable foodstuffs that are unfit for food consumption. Seizures and penalties throughout Italy.

In Italy and Europe, food brought to consumers’ tables must follow bureaucratic procedures. Passages that often made producers discuss above all else: “Lots of rules to follow“, or”Europe and market regulations destroy tradeHow many times have we heard these phrases? Too many.

Behind the strict regulations and strict controls there are very specific reasons, which are the health of consumers on the one hand, and the protection of producers who follow the rules on the other. Recently, tons of food items harmful to health have been seized all over Italy.

Consumer health is at risk, tons of food seized

The Compliance with regulations It requires a 360 degree effort from everyone. Through suppliers who invest to adapt plant, machinery and production procedures by investing resources; By citizens who decide to buy a controlled product by paying more for it and by institutions that work to ensure that regulations are respected.
When this does not happen, the damage is immeasurable. In recent weeks, many food items not for sale and therefore for consumption in different parts of Italy have been seized.

Food waste, environmental damage and potential health hazard to consumers. It happened in Sardinia The Port Authority found 20 kg of bluefin tuna from illegal fishing. Incompatible fish was in the kitchen of a restaurant owner ready to be served to customers. After later investigations, another 120 kg of untraceable fish products were found.
A similar event occurred in the province of Catania Large quantities of fish unfit for consumption were found in two restaurants in a well-known seaside resort. Sanctions, confiscation and destruction of seized food are just some of the actions carried out by the law enforcement agencies that intervened.

And the supervision activities of the fishing chain, especially during the summer period, will continue throughout the season to avoid any further violations. At the end of June I People They have intervened all over the national territory, finding anomalies in tracking or keeping different types of food, from north to south. Complaints and penalties are just some of the actions initiated by the respective personnel.

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