How to choose pots and planters for balconies and gardens: Jysk’s advice

JYSK’s guide to buying the right pots and planters for balconies, terraces and gardens: from style to size, here are the tips

“Sometimes the rose’s cheeks blush for the vase” The Polish poet Josef Polatowicz writes. Before choosing new pots and planters for your balcony, veranda, or garden, consider where to place the pots to make sure you select the right size, shape, material, and style for the plants you’ll have. JYSK experience can help you make the right decision.


Pots, planters, and plants are the icing on the cake when it comes to patio or porch decor. They create a lively and dynamic look, and when mixed and matched well, they define her style.

The dimension

First you need to think about the plants you want to put, how big they can be and how they can become. It’s a good idea to start with a transplant larger than the plant so that it has room to grow. Also think about the roots of the plant. They usually need an area similar to the size of a plant on the ground.


Square garden planters allow you to arrange the pots in an orderly manner. They can be used to mark a path or mark a specific area of ​​a yard or entryway. Square garden planters can be placed close to each other, making it easier to water the plants without spilling them.

Raised planters can create a modern, light and airy ambiance. It’s ideal for long-leaved or climbing plants such as ivy, because the plant can grow long before it meets the ground.

Narrow-mouthed pots tend to retain moisture, which prevents the plant from drying out. However, it can be a little difficult to manage when transplanting the plant.


The material of the garden planter is critical, especially for its weight. If you intend to move planters, it is a good idea to get lightweight plant pots made of materials such as wicker or plastic.

If there is a lot of wind in your place or if you have children playing in the yard or porch, consider larger and harder to turn over garden planters.

to rise

Tall planters can be easier to water and can also be used indoors as “room dividers” to separate the lounge area from the dining or play area. With tall garden planters, you can also create a cozy little corner, protected from the wind.

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