In summer, gardens become great outdoor gyms

Gardens as outdoor gyms, to exercise, enjoy the scenery and above all to be in company. It’s a synthesis Green Park Projectwhich a Lonato del Garda You just crossed the finish line of the promising second edition.

for any age

A second edition you want to put up in particular Attention to the importance of sports, health and well-being. A trilogy that applies to everyone: raising awareness about these issues from an early age is very important and is one of the main objectives of the entire initiative, which Polisportiva is promoting with the full support of the municipality and the care of the Lombardy region.

The project focuses entirely on the green spaces of the territory and aims to educate the citizens about healthy living and connection with nature, which is really a luxury at this time of year. Key aspects, especially after the pandemic years: Green Park wants to be a real restart initiative, especially for young people who can return to enjoy social moments in an area like Lonato, very large and full of open spaces, but often very far from each other. Spaces, those in local parks, which thanks to the intuition and action of Polisportiva have become real sports venues.

In fact, all the sports facts in the country united, and suggested every activity Connected to their specialty at different times and in different ways, so as to create a single program as if it were a “gymnasium”. And so until September there will be something for all tastes and needs. From volleyball tournaments to athletics, Pilates, dance and yoga courses, passing by walking groups to discover an area that knows how to book a thousand surprises and “special” initiatives, perhaps for four-legged friends.

The parks in question are all those in the country, in practice: from those in Pozze to those in the villages of Sedena, Barcuzzi and Lonato 2 near the center. At the entrance to the green spaces, potential users of activities will find a calendar with all useful information related to the sports that can be practiced there. same Evaluationbut cumulative, which can be found under the corridors of City Hall or online as well On the municipality’s website.

Participation is completely free, but you must register at Polisportiva For obvious insurance reasons and to provide a medical certificate for non-competitive sporting activities. All information can be requested at any time from Polisportiva, but in general it is possible Register for Green Park 2022 through an online form on the institution’s website. Instead of that Registration for individual courses must be done through a specific applicationcalled Sport club: You can download it from all virtual stores for free. After that, just search for Polisportiva and choose the courses that interest you. The project will last 3 months and end with the sports festival in September at the end of all activities.